‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Whereabouts Mystery Solved – He’s Hard at Work?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is missing these days from family photos and his wives haven’t mentioned a thing about him online. This mysterious disappearance of the Sister Wives patriarch from the online world prompts fans to question his whereabouts.

So, “Where is Kody Brown”? That’s the question that pops up often on social media. The answer to that question might just be – he’s probably at work.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown in Clever Disappearing Act

Kody Brown stayed active online in the past despite naysayers bashing him. The man with four wives usually kept his Sister Wives fans engaged in-between the seasons of his TLC show. Kody is nowhere online today despite reports indicating a new season Sister Wives is in the works.

While fans might not agree with the polygamous lifestyle of this Sister Wives shared husband, they can’t deny he’s clever. Some fans might prefer to use manipulation online rather than assign the word clever to Kody Brown. But either way, Kody managed to spin his lifestyle into a hit show with plenty of shelf life.

He seems to find a way to keep millions of Sister Wives viewers engaged. For over a decade he’s kept the viewers wanting more. He might look like a frivolous husband at times as he flits from one wife to the next. But he hasn’t gotten this far without a game plan, so there’s probably more going on under that much talked about mop of hair then fans give him credit for.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Meri Brown - Janelle Brown

Kody Goes to Work?

Kody Brown stays off the Sister Wives radar these days in more ways than one. There was once a time his four shared wives would hop online to gush over his parenting skills, his goofy antics, and just about anything he did. Today the name of Kody Brown doesn’t appear in posts from any of his wives.

The absence of his name from his Sister Wives spouses’ posts seems to suggest a disconnection. Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown remain active online today. But Robyn Brown went dark online around the same time Kody quit his frequent posting on his sites.

This leaves plenty of fuel for speculation. And… let’s face it, the speculation is what keeps the chatter going online. What fans are seeing, or not seeing in Kody Brown’s case, is probably nothing more than the Sister Wives leader hard at work.

Sister Wives: Mysterious Disconnection

Where is Kody Brown? Today it looks like he’s spun a strategy, which seems like the opposite of his normal behavior online. Usually he keeps the fans going with posts. But now he’s created a mystery that baits fans to hop online with their theories.

Meri, Christine, and Janelle have all posted videos online. But they don’t mention a word about the Sister Wives man they share. Janelle and Christine recently buddied up to offer a cooking video.

That video marks the first time in a long time any type of comradery showed up between the wives online. It’s almost as if they’d taken special care lately not to show any togetherness among the five members of the Sister Wives plural marriage. During the video, both Janelle and her co-wife read comments from fans.

While they highlighted the fans’ questions about the task at hand, they completely ignored the question – “Where is Kody Brown”. The fans’ comments popped up in real-time when they aired this cooking demonstration live.

Now they appear in a taped video. You can still see those comments that contain the Kody Brown questions they overlooked. To add to the mystery, these two cooking wives didn’t offer any info on Meri or Robyn as well as Kody.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Tough Job But Someone Has to Do It

It looks like all the mystery around the Sister Wives relationships today might be the result of Kody Brown hard at work. The followers of the Brown clan spin theory after theory as to why Kody remains mum.

Besides that one cooking video, Kody Brown’s women don’t seem too involved in each others’ lives today going by what’s posted online. So it appears Kody is hard at work creating the look of disconnection between him and his four wives. That disconnect seems to include the wives not mentioning each other as well.

What better way to keep up the online chatter? But most of all, it’s one creative way to send the fans swarming to the next Sister Wives season to see just how disconnected they’ve become. Chances are when the new season rolls out, Kody Brown and his wives will all seem happy together.

The video below from nine years ago introduced the Sister Wives show as a “seven-part series” created to follow “polygamous Kody Brown”.  The Brown family appeared on the Joy Behar show back then.

Well, that seven-part series grew into ten years of Sister Wives seasons for TLC due to the popularity. Kody is more than likely the biggest driving force behind this. His strategy to keep the fans wanting more seems to bring the viewers back.

Sister Wives: Will Kody Just Pop Up?

But it looks like at least one of the wives will show happiness from newfound independence. Meri seemed to have a couple of the Sister Wives production crew in tow when taking selfies during her trip last week. So just maybe the TLC show branched out with filming locations.

It’s a big “if” but the TLC show may finally opt to show Meri living her independent life. Especially after all her posts sharing all the things she does separate from the Sister Wives clan. But TLC tends to keep things under wraps. So who knows, if Meri’s trip does show up during the next season, Kody could show up with her.

Whatever is going on with Kody and his wives today you can probably bet the farm that what you see has a purpose. This mystery is more than likely all part of Kody’s grand scheme of things. It certainly keeps the chatter going in between the seasons this time around. So it looks like when the question pops up – “Where is Kody Brown”? The obvious answer is – He’s hard at work.

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