Sister Wives: Kody Brown Feels ‘Left Out’ – Breaks Online Silence

Sister Wives star Kody Brown emerged online after being silent for several weeks now and it sounds like he’s got something to say. Kody’s last series of posts gave the impression that he patted himself on the back. He also seemed to feel a little left out on his last tweets online. These popped up on Father’s Day. Then nothing…  not a word from the Sister Wives patriarch appeared online. It looked as if Kody Brown took a few weeks off from keeping his fans informed.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Back After Hiatus From Social Media Posts

On Father’s Day not one of the Sister Wives moms offered a shout out to the father of 18. Kody Brown posted – “I really manage my expectations on my birthday and Father’s Day.” But he posted a picture of himself with his daughter Ariella Brown, 3. He offered up how he just gave her a bath after changing a “blowout diaper.”

Jump ahead to today and Kody breaks his silence since his last posts on Father’s Day. This time he claims he feels a bit “left out” and very much like “the third wheel” while at the movies with two of his daughters. It looks like Kody Brown took two of his younger teen girls to the cinemas. As he sat there with them, apparently the kids talked so much with each other that they overlooked their Sister Wives papa.

The lighthearted post wasn’t a complaint, as one of his hashtags suggested he’s glad the kids share this friendship among siblings. Kody also said he told the kids that he feels left out. But they came back with “we’re not leaving you out dad”. While Kody’s post appears as just a lighthearted observation of a father, he just might feel somewhat left somewhere else in his life today. Like among his Sister Wives spouses.

Is Special Day Not So Special?

This Sister Wives dad has several grown children with social media sites. But only a couple mentioned their dad on Father’s Day. As that day progressed, instead of posting pictures of how this year’s Father’s Day played out for him this year, he posted a pic from last year. Back when his daughter Aspyn Brown married Mitch Thompson he took a photo with the bride. So he shared that picture of him with his daughter, but again that was from last year.

Kody Brown also shared how he spent this Father’s Day. The head of the Sister Wives family said he wrote in his journal. Then he spent time in meditation and prayer. Followed by taking some time to reflect on the things he’s thankful for. But he mentioned nothing about spending time with any of his 18 kids.

Sister Wives: Maybe It’s Not Just at the Movies?

So while Kody lighthearted complains he’s feeling left out at the movies, it may go deeper than that. His Sister Wives ladies voiced their opinions more this last season than they’ve done during previous seasons. Meri Brown has grown wings of independence, evident by her online posts. This is the second weekend in a row she set out on a road trip without any of the Sister Wives clan with her. Fans online ask “where’s Kody Brown” when she shares photos

Robyn Brown took to the Sister Wives cameras last season and put her foot down. She claimed that she absolutely won’t move again once they settle in their new Flagstaff homes. Janelle Brown is more like a business partner for Kody. This career-minded wife also watches over the family’s finances. The only one who appears to strive for his attention these days is Christine Brown. Maybe Kody is feeling a bit left out, in general, these days?

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