‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Haunted By Sadness – Not All Fans Sympathetic To His Post

Sister Wives star Kody Brown breaks social media silence to share with his fans how he’s been struggling for the last hour. The shared husband of four reports he’s  “haunted by the sadness” over something he just read. While Sister Wives followers hopped online to offer Kody their thoughts on his post, they weren’t all sympathetic to how he was feeling.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Grappled for an Hour With This

Kody Brown previously posted blurbs from the Salt Lake City Tribune. The fans of the Sister Wives show will probably remember this, although most of his posts regard the politics behind polygamy. This news media outlet often covers stories about polygamy, so it stands to reason he’d follow the paper.

This time what Kody read saddened him over the affiliation made to FLDS ( Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints). This is the religion Kody belongs to that promotes the practice of polygamy.

The article was about the prevalence of suicide among FLDS members. Kody Brown tweeted a link to the article. Then the Sister Wives patriarch describes how he was haunted after reading this.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown


Kody Brown Separates Himself

It seems the area that is the longtime home to many in this religious sect has more than double the rate of suicides per-capita than the national average. The Tribune spoke with past members of FLDS religion who thought about committing suicide. This was the article that Kody Brown, the Sister Wives celebrity, struggled with after reading.

Some explained how their families cast them away under the orders of the now-imprisoned Warren Jeffs. He is the FLDS President, who also is the faith’s prophet. One man was only 12-years-old when his family cast him out. Family members wouldn’t even talk to him.

He didn’t have any family to turn to. But he later ended up in prison with the thought of suicide seriously playing out in his mind. After being discarded by his family, the man explained it left him feeling less than human.

The Sister Wives celeb has complained in the past that Jeffs tarnished the reputation of the polygamy lifestyle. The Sister Wives series demonstrates a distinct separation between what Kody Brown and his wives believe in from the beliefs held by Warren Jeffs.

Sister Wives Fans Call It Like They See It – Offer Little Sympathy

Sister Wives enthusiasts offered comments about suicide. Some suggested how you can never know just what brings a person to this horrific point. But a few people painted a picture of jealousy among the wives. For some reason, fans mentioned Meri Brown a couple of times in the comments tweeted back to Kody Brown.

Apparently some fans feel Meri Brown is slighted within this plural marriage. One comment suggests how the only winner is the man in the Sister Wives setup. It looks lik some viewers out there empathize with Meri Brown’s position today among her spouses.

Even though Meri appears very content with her newfound independence, it looks like some fans still see her as unhappy. Meri shared her husband with two other women for over a quarter of a century.

Then with a third woman for the past decade when Robyn Brown entered the family. It seems as if the fans see women in a setup like Sister Wives having a reason to be sad. That’s probably not what Kody Brown was going for when sharing his tweet.

But fans thought the wives who share the one man could end up in sadness. The same fans seem to see the man having all the happiness when entering into a polygamous relationship. Again, probably not what Kody Brown was going for when he offered up his tweet.

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