‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Suffers New Side Effect of Polygamous Lifestyle?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown might not have considered the future when he was a young man and opted to follow a polygamous lifestyle. Or maybe he did without realizing how things would drastically change after more than a quarter of a century of plural marriage.  He once looked fancy-free as he cruised from wife to wife in his sports car. But now he looks more anchored than ever before.

For the majority of people, both marriage and child-rearing follow a natural order. That’s not the case for the Sister Wives family. When the TLC show first debuted in 2010, Kody Brown was a phenomenon of sorts. At first, the viewers experienced a tough time attempting to wrap their heads around four wives sharing Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Once Had it Made

Kody Brown married Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown while he was still very young. These three wives have been together as a family with Kody for 25 years or more. Meri married Kody Brown in 1990, which means next year makes 30-years that they’ve been together. Janelle followed in 1993 and then Christine married her shared Sister Wives husband in 1994.

But fans got to watch Kody take on Robyn as his fourth wife on the Sister Wives show. He married Robyn Brown in 2010, which is less than a decade ago. Kody Brown was in his forties at the time. He has 13 kids with his first three wives.

Robyn came into the family with three kids from a previous relationship and Kody adopted them. Then she had two children with Kody making the Brown brood now number 18 kids in all.

The patriarch of the Sister Wives clan reported on Father’s Day this year that he changed a “blowout” diaper on his youngest child, Ariella Brown, who is three. His oldest child is 25-year-old, Logan Brown.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown

Kids Range from Blowout Diaper Stage to College Education Age

So from diapers to college and beyond, the Sister Wives kids’ ages span decades. Each wife gets to watch their biological kids grow. Eventually there will come a time where each wife becomes an empty nester. But Kody Brown doesn’t have that luxury.

Meri Brown looks like she’s already enjoying the second chapter of her life now that she qualifies as an empty nester. With her grown daughter Mariah starting her own life in Chicago, Meri is very much at home alone in Flagstaff. Janelle is quickly moving up to that spot that will render her an empty nest. Then Christine is not too far behind.

These ladies will eventually have the extra time to venture into other things as the kids grow up and move on as adults. But Kody Brown’s time as a father to young kids seems perpetual.

Robyn Brown just turned 41 at the beginning of this month. She’s almost a decade younger than the Sister Wives patriarch. So when her kids scatter into the adult world she’ll not be as young as Meri Brown was when her empty nest came into play. But she’ll be younger than Kody Brown.

With that said, it looks like the tables are turning on Kody Brown these days. When the Sister Wives series first rolled out, Kody was riding around in a sports car with his hair blowing in the wind. He looked like a care-free guy with three, then soon four, wives all waiting at home for him.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Empty Nesters In The Family

His Sister Wives spouses not only took care of all his kids but all the household chores as well. Today the Sister Wives family has changed for Kody Brown. That seems especially true when it comes to his first wife, Meri Brown.

It looks like she’s in the sportscar of life today. While Meri doesn’t have that type of vehicle, she does seem to have that care-free life going for her. While Kody still finds himself changing blowout diapers, Meri is cruising the high seas. She just returned from her most recent cruise this weekend.

If Kody had stayed in a traditional marriage with Meri Brown long ago, he too would have a lot of free time on his hands today. While the first three wifes of the Sister Wives series get the benefit of having that second chapter in their lives with their kids moving towards adult age, Kody has a ways to go.

Papa Brown has to worry about college tuition for all his 18 kids. He also needs to worry about several more elaborate weddings in the future as some of his daughters grow closer to the marrying age. With three daughters’ weddings already under his financial belt, it looks like Mariah may be next in line for her walk down the aisle with Audrey Kriss.

Will Meri Brown Wave to Kody Brown as She Passes Him By?

But then there’s Meri Brown who is reaping the benefits of that second chapter that Kody may never get. He’ll probably be around 70 when he walks his youngest daughter Ariella down the aisle.

It looks like Meri Brown will enjoy a couple of decades of her life’s second chapter before Kody gets his. With Robyn Brown not ruling out another baby, he could be nearing 80 when the last of his kids leave the nest.

Meri Brown is a popular wife from the Sister Wives clan, so her fans rejoice for her newfound happiness today. Her independence seems to allow her to live life to the fullest. At the same time, it looks like Kody Brown is stunted in his natural progression through life.

The head of the Sister Wives big family has a motto. Fans hear it in the show’s promos. Kody believes that love should be multiplied and not divided. Well, he’s multiplied enough love to keep him anchored as a dad to young children for the majority of his living years.

Can you just hear the applause from fans as Meri drives by Kody Brown in her new sportscar of life? Maybe she’ll even manage a wave for her shared husband who is still changing diapers? It looks as if Meri Brown knows what she’s doing today as she finally does some of the things that make her happy.

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