‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Poor Planning Bombshell This Week?

Sister Wives rolls out a new episode Sunday night with Kody Brown looking like the poster child of poor planning. Kody’s latest actions demonstrate he doesn’t think ahead as they sit still owning four homes in Vegas with their move to Flagstaff now a month away.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Leads the Family – Into Disaster?

The new season films the Sister Wives family preparing for their Flagstaff move. In a recent episode the patriarch took to the camera and in an entitled-like speech, Kody Brown vowed to lead his family.

Once the sellers of the land at Coyote Pass accepted his offer – reality cutoff that fleeting moment of happiness. Kody looked elated the land was theirs. That’s until the fog of doom over finances seeped in. But apparently tittering on the brink of financial ruin didn’t stop him.

In a Hurry Going Nowhere?

Kody Brown still rushes to get there, despite still paying mortgages on homes not sold yet in Vegas. The push to get the family to Flagstaff plays out on this week’s episode.

Jump ahead to present day and three of the Sister Wives homes were still on the market in Las Vegas as of last week. In fact, Kody jumped into a commercial for the real estate company handling the three homes. It looked like a desperate attempt to get those homes sold on his part.

Wedding Almost Perfect

On this week’s Sister Wives episode, Aspyn Brown and Mitch Thompson get married. Aspyn is as close as you can get to a princess bride without actually having royalty in your bloodline. The bagpipes blare, Kody Brown runs around in his kilt, and there’s a ton of flower girls.

The day is perfect but the guy officiating the wedding loses his voice. Well, that’s at least something comical for Aspyn and Mitch to share with their grandchildren someday.

It’s not as if they’ll need to look hard for entertaining stories in their family history. All they have to do is show their future kids a picture of Kody Brown with that mop of hair of his. That should be good for a few laughs!

Plan Runs Amok for Sister Wives Patriarch

While Aspyn had her dream wedding, Kody Brown faces a nightmare in finances. Robyn Brown spoke up on Twitter this week complaining about how her husband didn’t think things through. He focused on getting the land without even considering what comes next – money. Which the family runs short of.

It looks like Robyn is getting a bit big for her britches these days. There was once a time when she’d never post a public I-told-you-so to her husband, Kody. This season has Robyn speaking out more than she has in the past, almost as if she’s the authority figure for the Sister Wives brood.

What’s the Hurry?

Tune into Sunday night’s show and see Aspyn’s fairy tale wedding this week. Also, watch as Kody puts everyone in high anxiety by getting this move underway in just a few weeks.

No one can honestly say for sure just what Kody Brown is rushing away from in Vegas or hurrying to get to in Flagstaff. But this move is almost cartoon-like as it unfolds.

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