‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Not Worried About Old Age With New Love Interest

Sister Wives star Meri Brown went through a transition over the last few seasons and now it looks like she’s revealed her saving grace. The first wife of Kody Brown looks extremely independent these days when it comes to her social media pages. Most of her more recent posts include pictures of her alone or with people not affiliated with the Sister Wives clan.

This fan-favorite celeb of the Sister Wives tribe recently navigated through several life events and she’s seemingly done this on her own. In the early years of the Sister Wives show, Meri talked about the benefits of having women share the same husband. She also shared the downfalls that go along with this as well.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Navigates Plural Marriage

It seems one of the most strenuous aspects of sharing a husband unfolds early on with the wives. That’s knowing the man you love sleeps with a few different women. All four wives admitted to jealousy when it comes to sharing intimate time with Kody Brown. They’ve expressed this several times on Sister Wives over the years.

Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown have been with Kody for more than 20 years. Robyn Brown, his fourth wife has almost a decade under her belt as the youngest wife of this Sister Wives unit. Chances are it gets easier sharing Kody after all this time has passed.

Along with downfalls of plural marriage, the stars of Sister Wives talked about the positive sides. They have something to look forward to as they grow older. It’s a benefit only a polygamist enjoys and a perk that traditional wives don’t have. It seems Christine Brown might have explained it best when she shared a memory from her childhood.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Funeral for a Friend Offers a Look Into Future

This third wife of the Sister Wives family recalled how at funeral for one of the husbands in the polygamy community showed her a side that she found comforting. The several wives of the man who died were all there for each other. After the husband passed away, unlike monogamous marriages where the wife’s left alone, these women had each other.

It dawned on Christine that she wouldn’t have to worry about being alone when she grew older. After the scene at this funeral with all the wives comforting one another, she saw this as an advantage.

Apparently, this aspect of being one of several wives is a comfort for the women in a polygamous marriage. At the time Christine shared this, the other Sister Wives spouses saw this as a positive thing that comes along with sharing a husband.

That, of course, is only the case if the wives all grow closer through the years. The thought behind this has the wives becoming like sisters and best friends. But Meri Brown seems to be more of an outsider today.

First of all, Kody is still a young man by today’s standards. He’s only 50-years-old, so statistically, he could be around for several more decades. But a day might come when this bonding may just be a comfort for the wives.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Planning for Old Age Looks Different for Meri

But this Sister Wives bond that paves the way for old age companionship doesn’t look as if it will be the case for Meri Brown. Fans of the show got to see how the other wives, along with Kody Brown, treated Meri during the last season.

Meri Brown seemed like an outsider. But the matriarch of the Sister Wives brood appeared to reveal her new love today in a post. That would be Lularoe.

Maybe she’s not in love with the company per se but what this company has awarded her for a lifestyle. Meri Brown is doing a bang-up job as a businesswoman. So maybe she finally found her calling and she seems to be in love with her new lifestyle.

Meri Brown’s life as she knew it changed drastically over the last few years. With only one daughter, Mariah Brown, she became an empty nester when Mariah moved out. She gave up the home she loved and the city of Vegas where she was happy.

Then, of course, she made a mistake online with that catfish incident and it seems she’s still paying for it when it comes to Kody and the other wives.

Look at Her Go

So fans of Sister Wives got to see this transition for Meri. She grew from one of four wives to an independent woman. While Meri Brown lives in Flagstaff nearby the rest of Kody Brown’s tribe, she seems to be doing her own thing today. It doesn’t appear that the thought of old age companionship stood in the way of her choices.

Meri’s post today says “I’m. In. Love.” It looks like she’s found the love of her life as an independent woman. This Sister Wives celeb is kicking butt as a social retailer. She enjoys the travel that goes along with Lularoe. Not to mention the new friends she met along the way.

Top that off with being the sole-owner of Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, which is an awarding winning B&B. You have to say Meri’s living large today. While she might look more like a solo act these days online, it appears she’s loving every minute of it. And her fans applaud her new independence as well.

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