‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown’s Son Dating Older Woman?

Sister Wives followers posted questions when a pic of Janelle Brown and Kody Brown’s son with his girlfriend popped up online this weekend. Garrison Brown, who goes by the name Robert Brown these days, shared the photo online. Janelle Brown also posted the picture to her social media page.

The 20-year-old young son of Janelle Brown refers to his girlfriend Kylie Marshall as his “hottie” in the post. Kody, Janelle Brown and the rest of the family referred to this son as Garrison through the seasons of the Sister Wives show. But when Garrison started his own online business, he started to go by the name his birth name of Robert Brown.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown’s Son Not a Kid Anymore

Janelle’s son now uses his given name, which is Robert Garrison Brown. But it seems mom, Janelle Brown, along with the rest of the Sister Wives brood, called him by his middle name while growing up.

Robert’s girlfriend first started showing up in photos while modeling clothes that her entrepreneur boyfriend sold online. Robert started an online clothing site selling floral apparel for both men and women. Bobsfloral.com offers a line ranging from Hawaiian shirts to floral sundresses.

Robert and his girlfriend Kylie both model the items on his website. But he’s also got another celebrity wearing his items. That’s Kody Brown, the Sister Wives father of 18.

Sister Wives: Robert Garrison Brown - Kylie Marshall

Robert Brown and Kylie Marshall Make Handsome Couple

Surprisingly, this latest posted photo of Robert and Kylie spun comments about Kylie’s age. The photo on the right above is the newest picture triggering comments. This didn’t seem to be an issue before when Robert posted other photos of both Kylie alone and pictures of him together with his love interest – like the photo on the left above.

When Robert first introduced Kylie in pictures, this caused quite the stir both with his family and fans. First of all, Christine Brown got online and voiced her disapproval of Robert introducing Kylie to the Sister Wives fans before Christine got to meet her. Fans quickly noted the resemblance between Kylie and Robyn Brown. Still, most of the Kylie-related comments from Sister Wives enthusiasts seemed positive.

Janelle Brown is considered level-headed by the followers of Sister Wives. It seems her kids tended to inherit that trait as well. So, when her son began sharing pics online with his new girlfriend, fans were happy for him. The only person who seemed upset at the time was Christine, who would have liked to have met Kylie first before Robert introduced her to the world.

Sister Wives: Older Hottie or Hottie of the Same Age?

Both Janelle Brown and Robert Brown shared the photo (above right) with their Sister Wives Instagram followers over the weekend. It looks as if the two are headed for some formal affair as Robert dons his military dress uniform. Kylie wears a long flowing dress in the picture. Now, this new photo brought comments about her age.

Some fans thought Kylie looked a bit older than her date in the newer photo, but it may just be the lighting angle. Plus, the dress is a bit more mature looking than ones from prior pics. So, some followers thought she looked older than Robert in this photo. But, the other snap (above left) taken a few months back has them looking close in age.

Also, Janelle never mentioned any age difference when the proud mom shared the photos. The majority of the comments paid complements to the Sister Wives offspring and his girlfriend. Most people thought they were “adorable” and “cute” together. Even if this pretty young lady is older than Robert, does it make a difference?

Born on Halloween, Garrison Brown turns 21 this October 31. The one thing that this picture seems to convey is that the two seem quite happy together. So, at the end of the day – isn’t that all that matters?

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