‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Secret Spotted in Janelle’s Bedroom?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown and Janelle Brown were spotted with something in the background of a rare scene location that sparked questions. Usually Kody Brown isn’t seen in the bedrooms of his Sister Wives spouses. But this time he was in Janelle’s bedroom.

Kody Brown has a real love affair going with his hair. So much so that the Sister Wives women call his hair wife number five. It seems as if Kody Brown’s hair is an entity itself sometimes. This prompts fans to joke that his mane should have a show of its own as well.

Sister Wives: Changes to Kody Brown’s Hairdo

Kody Brown has different hairstyles he sports. Sometimes his hair looks rather thick. Then other times, like in the Sister Wives photo below, he doesn’t appear to have too much hair.

It seems one armchair sleuth caught something in the background of one of the Sister Wives episodes. It looks like both Kody Brown and his second wife, Janelle Brown, are in a bedroom in the photo. The post doesn’t say whose bedroom they’re in. So you have to use deductive reasoning to figure this one out.

First, the wives avoid each others’ bedrooms. So, Janelle Brown is probably not in one of her co-wives’ rooms. Plus, Kody Brown doesn’t have a bedroom of his own. So, Kodi and Janelle are likely in her bedroom and not another of the Sister Wives.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Viewer Spots Kody’s Secret Clump of Hair?

From the Sister Wives post above with Janelle and Kody, it’s easy to see  what stands out as strange. The arrow points to a blond wig hanging on the corner of the bedroom mirror. The sun shines through the window so the hair looks brighter than it probably is. But, who does this wig belongs to? Is it Janelle Brown’s or Kody Brown’s?

When Kody has his hair up in a ponytail, it’s a rather thick and long ponytail. The picture on the right shows him with that hefty pony. But in the photo on the left above, his hair looks thinner. It looks like the Sister Wives patriarch only has a tuft of hair pulled on top of his head.

So does Kody wear that wig to fill out his ponytail? Or is Janelle Brown the rightful owner of that hairpiece?

Sister Wives: Not a Janelle Brown Kind of Thing?

The wig in the photo looks like the same hair texture as Kody Brown’s – a bit frizzy and dry. While fans don’t pin Janelle as a wig-wearing type, you never know. So fan assumptions might put that clump of hair in the photo as Kody’s add-on when he needs girth in his ponytail.

But it might be something else entirely. Perhaps it’s a Halloween costume leftover. But who knows? Maybe Kody Brown does reach for a little help now and then to bulk up his head of hair.

TLC’s Sister Wives Season 14, rolls out its premiere episode on Sunday night, January 5th.

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