‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Retaliates with Photo after Hair Raising Tweet Halts Hiatus

Sister Wives star Kody Brown is giving fans a look at his updated style today after a tweet about his hair caught his eye. It appears Kody couldn’t contain himself when he saw this tweet. But there’s one thing really amazing about this post from Sister Wives patriarch. After his mysterious online silence, it took only a blurb about his hair to draw Kody Brown back into the cyber world.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Achille’s Heel?

It seems that Kody Brown might just have an Achille’s heel. He’s been extremely quiet on social media for quite some time now. Over the last few months, he’s offered a few political retweets that he shared with his Sister Wives followers.

Then instead of penning a few personal sentences about the birth of his first granddaughter, he retweeted the TLC announcement. Papa Brown hasn’t offered up a personal word online for months. That appeared rather strange especially when Maddie Brown Brush and Caleb Brush welcomed their baby girl into the world.

But, apparently, a tweet that discussed the evolution of his hair prompted a halt to his hiatus. While Kody only offers up a one-word caption, he did send it along with an updated photo of himself.

So, when a Twitter user tweeted how it’s not clear whether his “rat trap” of a hairdo goes from bad to worse or worse to good, Kody replied. Apparently he suggested that the Twitter user should decide for herself. He wrote “Happy” back to the woman who created the tweet the hair tweet.

Papa Brown Pokes Fun at Himself?

In the tweet above Kody Brown looks serious in the selfie he sent along. But it doesn’t look as if he’s angry, it’s more like he’s poking fun at himself. One thing about the Sister Wives father of 18, Kody doesn’t hold any false hopes that his coiffure will win any prizes.

The shared husband of four was the first to admit his hair is unruly. He even apologized on behalf of his hair as the last Sister Wives season started up. He told the fans at the time he posted that apology if they think it looks bad now, just wait until the episodes roll along.

Kody Brown told the viewers his hair gets worse as the season played out. Fans probably would have made Kody’s hair an even bigger debate than they did but something else popped up. Viewers lambasted Kody online for his seemingly urgent need to move to Flagstaff.

Many of the viewers of the Sister Wives show weren’t happy with Kody when he uprooted the family from Vegas. Fans were furious that his desire to move took precedence over what his wives and kids wanted. So whether or not Kody’s hair looked worse as the episodes rolled out is still up for debate. Although he did appear to suffer a few bad hair days.

Sister Wives: Man Bun Fun

When Kody put his hair on top of his head in his man bun fashion, people noticed. Sister Wives enthusiasts weren’t overly receptive but a few people did like what they saw. Many people have said in the past that Kody Brown is a handsome man. His latest tweet gathers comments which include Sister Wives fans telling him how hot he looks.

While Kody Brown’s lifestyle doesn’t appeal to the majority of everyday people, his looks still appeal to many of the opposite sex. Through the almost decade-long reign of Sister Wives, more than one woman has hopped online offering to be wife number five.

Maybe there’s really no need for more romance by bringing on a fifth wife. It looks like Kody already has another love affair going on today – with his hair.

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