‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Brown’s Weight Loss in New Season [Photos]

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown doesn’t seem to have that overwhelming need to be heard like a couple of Kody Browns’ other wives. For that reason, she doesn’t make headlines as much as her three co-wives. But when the new season rolls out, Janelle will probably turn some heads, she looks great.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Weight Loss Shines Through In season 14

One of the first things you notice in the new season’s video is how healthy Janelle looks these days. Janelle seems to have lost weight. Sister Wives sneak peek Season 14 trailer also demonstrates how Janelle’s fashion sense doesn’t pale in comparison to her LuLaRoe modeling co-wives.

On Sister Wives, fans often see Janelle in her everyday clothes. But the new season promo has Janelle decked out in professional attire and looking good. Janelle, who weighed the most out of Kody Brown’s four wives, seems to be losing weight and getting healty.

Janelle Brown isn’t a Sister Wives spouse that gets tied up in the drama. She tends to shy away from the scenes that create those rolling-eyes looks. Kody Brown refers to Janelle Brown as his buddy. To him, she’s like one of the guys because they get along so well.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown


Three Wives of Kody Brown Topped Scales at Over 200 Pounds

The three original Sister Wives women were all over 200 pounds when the show first started. That might be hard to believe for the newer viewers of the show, but they were. Back in 2011, they revealed their weight to the masses.

That was a pretty brave thing to do for any woman struggling with their weight, never mind three. Back in 2011, the Kody’s Sister Wives offered their weight reveal and they were heavy. It’s easy to see today that both Meri Brown and Christine Brown are not over 200 pounds anymore.

When Robyn Brown first came onboard the Sister Wives ship she was not only the younger wife but also the slimmer of Kody’s spouses. Back then Janelle was the heaviest of all four wives. Janelle struggled with trying to lose weight through the seasons but today there seems to be a change. It looks as if Janelle Brown has lost weight and fans are wondering what changes she’s made to accomplish this.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Sister Wives: The Weigh-In

In 2011 Meri weighed in at 213 pounds. Christine weighed 222 pounds and Janelle’s weight registered as 271 pounds.  Janelle Brown is sensitive about her weight, explaining once in an interview that she considered her weight her “Achilles heel.”

At the time they revealed their weight Robyn was a few months pregnant. So even with a little baby weight on board, she was still the smallest of the wives. Weight-wise that is, at 158 pounds.

This weight reveal came out of an episode of one of the earlier Sister Wives seasons. The four wives joined a gym. The women weighed themselves when they started to work with a personal trainer at that gym. At the time, they allowed the Sister Wives cameras to share their weight with the fans.

All Under the Bridge

A lot of water and food has gone under the bridge since that time. Robyn seemed to maintain her figure through the seasons except during her two pregnancies. Both Christine and Meri shed weight and look marvelous as they model LuLaRoe’s clothing for their fans on social media. They attempt to make sales by wearing the clothes themselves.

Now in the preview of Sister Wives Season 14, fans say it looks like Janelle also lost weight. The comments suggest that Janelle Brown is also looking marvelous dressed professionally in one of the scenes from the preview.

So, it looks like these days Kody Brown’s wives continue to watch their weight. Janelle Brown joins Meri and Christine who appear to aim at carrying less weight around on them than they did when they were younger.

Sister Wives new Season 14, rolls out on TLC, Sunday night, January 5th. on the

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