Sister Wives: Kody Brown Has Tail Between His Legs On Twitter Today

Sister Wives star Kody Brown said in hindsight that after 80-years of combined marriage he should know better. The patriarch of the Sister Wives family hopped on Twitter to explain what he was thinking in Sunday night’s episode.

This is about Kody’s presentation of the Sister Wives one big home. He also addresses the reaction he saw from his four wives. Kody Brown commented about what he saw around the room as he rolled out the visuals for his dream home.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Tweets in the Aftermath

If you thought Sister Wives offered drama, wait until you see some of Kody Brown’s tweets. He equated his experience to “100 stabs in his dream”. So, during the show it looks like Kody Brown got busy on Twitter. He addressed his wives’ lack of enthusiasm for his shared-home idea with these posts.

Kody Brown - Twitter

While Kody watched the Sister Wives episode Sunday night, he tweeted his observations. And he doesn’t think the house was the only culprit to cause his wives to lose their enthusiasm.

He referred to his “one house” not being the source of “our pain”. He also describes feeling “totally alone” while standing in front of his family pitching his Sister Wives house.

Christine Brown Caught Kody’s Attention

It seems Christine Brown’s stand on this home presentation didn’t go unnoticed by Kody. The Sister Wives leader made a comparison between himself and Christine in one of the posts above from Twitter.

Christine was the only wife who made it clear to the Sister Wives cameras that “I am not going to do it”. She also said that even if the other wives eventually agree to the shared home, she’ll speak up even louder.

Sister Wives - Tweets

Kody made it clear on Twitter that he foresees a problem with his future housing dream. He thought this would be an easier thing to do than it was.

Sister Wives – Jury Is Still Out

Viewers know Janelle Brown is on board with this Sister Wives big house idea. She loves the idea. The second wife of Kody Brown made this clear on Sunday’s TLC reality show.  The viewers also know that Christine said she won’t do this.

It seems Kody has at least one wife against a shared house by the end of Sunday night’s Sister Wives. Although, nothing was settled in the last episode, so fans need to watch for the real outcome.

In this episode, Robyn appeared stunned. She had no clue about Kody’s intentions until he lit up the TV set with the images of a gigantic dwelling. But fans don’t know what her behavior stems from. Is it from not knowing about the presentation in advance or a dislike of this idea?

Then there’s Meri. The first wife to marry Kody Brown suggests to the Sister Wives camera how she’s not sure if it’s safe to speak her thoughts. But she doesn’t mention if she’s for or against Kody’s idea. So it appears Meri and Robyn have their ideas, but the question remains as to what those ideas entail.

When All is Said and Done

So does Kody Brown get his one Sister Wives mansion? It sounds as if Christine won’t have anything to do with it. Although she did recognize the amount of time Kody spent in his attempt to get this presentation right. The slide show he shared of the finished product was stunning.

It looks as if this house is far from a done deal either way. As the new Sister Wives episodes roll out, viewers should discover where all this ends up. But it a recent tweet, Kody seemed to offer a clue. Last week Kody tweeted about how he looked forward to their homes on Coyote Pass.

Did he drop a clue with the use of the word “homes”? Maybe Kody Brown does cave in from the friction surrounding his shared home.

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