‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Last Grueling Move Makes Flagstaff a Cake Walk

Sister Wives star Kody Brown tends to wind his family up when relocating to a new home as he’s not a guy who takes his time. The Brown brood’s move to Flagstaff last summer evoked tears, anger, and frustration from his loved ones. But relocating to Arizona looks like a cake-walk compared to the last time they packed up and left.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Battles A Different Kind of Heat this Time

Kody Brown moved his family to Flagstaff last summer, which is highlighted in a new Sister Wives episode due to air at the end of March. Facing the task of moving the contents of four homes and the belongings of almost two dozen people was bad enough. But now add sweltering heat.

Doing all this work in triple-digit temps of Las Vegas brought frustration to the highest levels for this family. Still, they must consider this a smooth move compared to seven years ago. That’s when Kody Brown packed up his family and came to Vegas.

SW: Polygamous Family On the Lam?

That move to Sin City was a nightmare. Along with the tears and anger it caused, their last transplant caused fear. It was actually a story that was about to break by the entertainment site TMZ that prompted them to head out in the dark of night.

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This chapter of Sister Wives was a nightmare for the spouses. Starting with reports emerging that Kody Brown and his family were the focus of a couple of investigations. Kody got wind of a probe by the Lehi Police Department and the Utah attorney general over their polygamous lifestyle.

Sister Wives Raised Red Flag

It was the Sister Wives show that prompted these investigations. Seems Kody Brown and his wives managed to stay under the radar as polygamy was outlawed in Utah. But the reality show drew attention to the Brown family.

Fear took over as Meri, Christine, Janelle, and Robyn worried about the police showing up at their door any minute. Back then Kody pulled the family together to give them all a rude awakening.

SW: Kody Brown Desperate to Keep Family Together

The patriarch reminded everyone that traditionally when the law got involved with polygamous families, they’d split them up. Frantic that this might be the case for the Sister Wives family they literally bolted out of the town of Lehi, Utah.

Fear motivated the family. So for three days, the Sister Wives women attempted to pack up what they could. But they ultimately ended up leaving furniture, toys, and other belongings behind.

Sister Wives Leave Under the Cover of Night

They kept this move on the down low, not even informing the schools the kids were moving.  Janelle became panicky and wanted to go after just two days of rushing around and packing.

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The fear of the law coming to their home rattled her. A few of the other wives advocated for just one more day to pack up the things not ready for transport. Then they got wind of TMZ about to report Kody Brown’s plans to leave and that made the decision for the Sister Wives brood.

SW: Four Flat Tires and Angry Kids

They left in the darkness of night on a trip that caused them nothing but trouble. The caravan consisted of several over-packed vehicles. Furthermore, during their six-hour trip to Vegas, they got four flat tires.

Christine suffered an emotional breakdown during the last Kody Brown family move. Dealing with their angry kids and stuck on the highway with flat tires did her in. The kids were fuming about the move. Then they waited hours along the side of the highway for help with roadside assistance. Yep, Christine lost it.

Sister Wives: Land on Plymouth Rock in the Desert

Janelle had to leave behind a good job and she later said her relationship with Kody suffered from this move. Kody Brown told the Sister Wives cameras at the time that Vegas became his “Plymouth Rock”. He considered this city “a sound, safe place for religious freedom.”

Since Kody Brown claims his plural marriage is religiously based, he wants to practice that religion with his four wives without fear of prosecution. Apparently, this city feels safe for Kody and his clan when it comes to their religion.

SW: One Small Rental Home

They get to Vegas and all shuffle into one small rental house. This place acted as their temporary home until they found somewhere to live. From what it looked like back then, no one in the Kody Brown group had a job, so it looked like their Sister Wives salary was their main income.

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When the veteran fans of Sister Wives watch this new move for the Kody Brown tribe, it will look like child’s play in comparison to the last one. Still, Kody Brown seems to have some of that urgency he had during their move out of Utah several years ago.

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