‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Slips – Tweets Result of Cliffhanger By Mistake?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown bubbles over with enthusiasm while going over his big house plans with his buddy on next week’s episode. He shares images of what looks like a great hall where all the members of his Sister Wives tribe could have access to him every day.

It seems Kody feels that a separate kitchen for each of his wives will be the clincher. But still, he knows he faces a hard sell to his Sister Wives women when it comes to living under one roof.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Shares Source Of Wives’ Friction

In the next Sister Wives episode, Christine Brown makes it very clear – “It’s not going to happen”. This is Christine’s reaction to Kody Brown wanting his family in one not-so-humble abode. Kody Brown said he sees the friction from all his ladies as the result of wanting to avoid a constant threat of running into one another.

The Sister Wives celeb said how his wives’ train of thought boils down to one thing. They don’t want to see the other women more than they have to. In one big Sister Wives house, that will be hard to avoid.

As the Sister Wives episodes roll out from this new season it might be hard to remember they filmed these clips several months ago. So the decision for the Coyote Pass dwellings is probably signed, sealed, and delivered by now. But fans won’t know the outcome until Kody Brown and his four wives battle it out on screen. This battle gets heated next week.

The drama starts with Kody Brown meeting up with his buddy Nathan. He shares the 3-D version of his big house plans with his pal who also comes from the polygamy lifestyle. This is the same CD he plans to unveil to his entire Sister Wives family on the show next week.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Was That a Giggle?

Kody Brown seemed to find it hard to contain his excitement over this house. He appeared to almost giggle a few times while sharing his plan with his friend. He tells Nathan that he’s made plans for reinforcements when he presents this Sister Wives castle to his family.

It seems this reveal happens around Christmas, just after they moved. This is when Kody expects a number of his adult children around. He plans to spring it on the family when his adult kids visit for the holidays. But why?

That’s because the mastermind of the Sister Wives believes the older kids will back him up. They lived the one house experience back when Kody had only three wives.

It wasn’t until Robyn Brown came on board that the Kody Brown family broke off into separate family units. Robyn’s arrival seemed to start the shift that resulted in individual homes for the Sister Wives moms with their biological kids in tow.

Sister Wives Update: Kody Brown’s Kids Will Recall the Magic

Kody Brown is counting on the adult children to paint the experience as magical and pave the way for a new big house. But from the previews, a few of the wives nix this living arrangement. One of the Sister Wives, Christine, claims it’s never going to happen for her.

TLC is very good at keeping things under wraps via non-disclosure contracts. So to pry the outcome of this reveal out of any of the Sister Wives members probably wouldn’t be an easy task. It might even be impossible.

But on Sunday night, Kody Brown and the ladies of Sister Wives tweeted with fans. Nothing at all was shared about where this one dwelling dream is headed. It looks like the wives wait for the battle of next week to roll out.

Because it is such a cliffhanger from the season before, fans might not find out the final decision until a few more episodes hit the screen. But, Kody in all his excitement about the house might have revealed the outcome unintentionally.

He tweets how he misses the cul-da-sac in Vegas. He then shares, “I’m looking forward to building homes and gathering family at Coyote Pass”. So it looks as if “homes” wins out. Kody didn’t say he’s looking forward to building his castle or his one big home to gather his family. No, he said homes.

Did Kody unintentionally reveal one of the biggest cliffhangers of the Sister Wives season? Tune in to TLC on Sunday nights to catch the new episodes of Sister Wives.

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