‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown’s Sales Pitch Comes Back to Bite Him on New Season

Sister Wives star Kody Brown put his best salesperson hat on when he went to work on his four wives back in Vegas during the last season. It seems Kody did everything within his power to get his wives to agree to move to Flagstaff. But now it looks like the wives banked on his pitch materializing in Flagstaff. But it didn’t.

When Kody Brown wanted his Sister Wives clan to move to Flagstaff, the family felt there was some urgency behind it. But that urgency still remains a mystery. That pressing need might have fueled what the fans witnessed. That’s Kody giving it his all in an attempt to sway his wives to Flagstaff.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Big Selling Point Sours

Kody Brown’s sales pitch to his co-wives had several good points. Or at least it sounded that way during the last season. Now that Sister Wives Season 14 is here, it seems like a few of his selling points fell by the wayside.

Even before they relocated to Flagstaff one of Kody Brown’s pitches unraveled. He told his for Sister Wives spouses that their money will get more bang for the buck in Flagstaff as far as housing costs.

But when they priced land and the cost to build their homes they found out differently. Still, Kody didn’t let that divert his move.

It wasn’t until the Sister Wives tribe landed in Flagstaff with all their worldly belongings that the next surprise emerged. Perhaps it was the biggest plus of them all that Kody Brown presented to get his wives to Arizona. But upon arriving in their new hometown, it immediately blew up in one wife’s face.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Flagstaff Move Implodes at Meri Brown’s House

It took moving in, lock, stock, and barrel for one of the biggest points from Kody’s sales pitch to sour. That selling point had to do with the acceptance of their plural marriage. The family had no problems in Vegas with people. No one shunned the Sister Wives due to their lifestyle. After all, it’s a city of massive diversity.

But Kody Brown and his Sister Wives relocation pitch included how accepting the folks in Flagstaff tend to be. Kody told the Chicago Sun-Times newspaper the same thing that he told his wives when presenting the move to them.

“Let’s just say there’s a lot of hippies in Flagstaff and they’re awesome”. He liked their “live and let live” attitude. They moved to a city where resolutions promoting inclusion and diversity were passed by the city council. Kody Brown’s plan included wide-spread acceptance of their polygamous lifestyle. But… something went wrong.

Sister Wives: Ysabel Brown - Solomon Brown - Meri Brown - Kody Brown - Truely Brown


Sister Wives: Been There – Done That

Kody Brown not only pumped up himself about the move, but he also pumped his wives up as well. They fled Utah years ago with the law breathing down their necks. The Sister Wives adults also have to worry about their kids and what they’ve subjected them to.

It’s one thing as an adult to fight off people who don’t agree with your living arrangements. But no one wants their children to go through it. When the other wives found out, they became concerned. Janelle Brown asked her co-spouses what kind of situation they moved into with this relocation.

So when police arrived at Meri Brown’s home on their first night in Flagstaff, it reminded them of their Utah exit. Now with the release of the latest promo video, Sister Wives fans find out that a neighbor called the police to Meri’s rental home. Eventually, the neighbors drove her out of that home.

A neighbor got in touch with Meri’s landlord and the landlord contacted Meri Brown. She said the landlord asked her if she’d consider moving. The landlord also told the Sister Wives matriarch, Meri Brown, that she’s revisiting her decision to rent to her. But as Kody points out, the contract is binding and it would have to be either him or Meri to break it.

Full Disclosure Still Didn’t Mean a Thing?

Meri said she disclosed everything to the landlord before moving in. She told the woman she was in a plural marriage. Meri also told the landlady she’s part of the Sister Wives series that would film at the house.

But Meri was bullied and she also claimed her landlord was bullied as well. It is the polygamous lifestyle the neighbor didn’t want in the neighborhood.

So it looks like when Kody claimed they’d be treated just like everyone else in Flagstaff, he didn’t count on Meri’s neighbor throwing an iron in that fire. Of course, he couldn’t foresee Meri having neighbors who don’t conform to that “live and let live” motto. But the welcome wagon he painted for his wives now rolled right over him as his words come back to bite him.

The wait is over, tune into the Sister Wives new season tonight, Sunday, January 5, on TLC.

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