‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Bullied – Threatens Solo Move Back to Vegas? [Video]

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown faces uncertainty as the new season rolls out as problems loom over her new rental home in Flagstaff. Meri moves into her rented home but before she can settle in, the rug is pulled right out from under her.

Sister Wives: Bullies Target Meri Brown?

While the news of Meri Brown’s dilemma emerged a few weeks back, a Sister Wives sneak preview now offers the details. Reports of Kody Brown’s first wife being driven from her rental home by neighbors surfaced a while back. But up until now, how it all unfolded remained a mystery.

So, did neighbors show up chanting “move” at the door of this Sister Wives star? No, Meri describes how they attempted to strong-arm her out of the house by pestering her landlord. During one of the couch segments on Sister Wives this season, Meri explains what she was up against and how she struggled.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Robyn Brown - Kody Brown - Christine Brown - Janelle Brown

Landlord Problems Revealed in Flagstaff

Her landlord contacted Meri Brown to tell her neighbors alerted her to the Sister Wives situation. The property owner said she’s second-guessing taking in Meri as a tenant. She asked the reality star if she’d consider leaving.

Then, Meri Brown tells Kody and his other three wives that the landlord said she needs to revisit keeping her on as a renter. The Sister Wives patriarch speaks up but seems to tread cautiously with his words. Kody Brown claims giving up the rental isn’t the landlord’s decision. He said it’s up to him and Meri.

Meri Brown said she wrestled with this decision because leaving could send a message. She points out if she leaves, it gives the impression that she’s chicken. And it could suggest critics succeeded in bullying about their Sister Wives lifestyle.

Sister Wives: Meri Drops Bombshell

Meri Brown describes how the landlord had upfront full disclosure about their plural marriage and TLC show. They also disclosed TLC planned to film at the house for the Sister Wives reality show. But still, it seems she asked to move and shunned by the neighbors.

While describing how transparent she’s been from the get-go with her landlord, Meri Brown drops a bombshell. She suggests she’s going back to Las Vegas. This probably isn’t what her co-spouses expect. But, she said a few times that she missed living in Vegas.

And, she’s made clear she didn’t want to move away from their Nevada homes. Meri Brown threatens a move but then, the cameras cut away. So, watch tonight to see how the other wives and Kody Brown react to her comment about moving away. The new seasons starts Sunday, January 5 on TLC.

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