‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Rejects Patriarch-Ruled Marriage – Kody Only the Glue?

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown seems to be the voice of reason within the family especially when it comes to Kody Brown. These four wives who share a husband surfaced on the TLC reality show a decade ago. From the beginning, you could see their personalities were as different as night and day. When the big Brown family first blew out of Utah under the dark of night and crept into Las Vegas, a local newspaper interviewed the family. Right away, fans got to see the very different personalities of Kody’s women.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown – Early Thoughts on Polygamy

Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Christine Brown, and Robyn Brown each had thoughts on polygamy. Some of the ladies were more serious than others. Specifically when talking about their shared husband and plural marriage. Janelle Brown said she didn’t like the idea that people see it as a patriarch-dominated lifestyle.

While Janelle sees Kody Brown as glue who holds the Sister Wives together, the word patriarch has a negative connotation for her. Janelle describes how she’s very independent. So despite that people may think they’re ruled by Kody, the women always have a say in things. First, Sister Wives followers see Christine as the wife very invested in pleasing Kody. After Janelle Brown dissed the word patriarch, Christine chimed in.

She seemed to dismiss Janelle’s thoughts and said she felt their family is “very patriarchal”. Then, she said it’s what she wanted. Then she added her desire to be “a princess in life.” The undercurrent of personality clashes among the Sister Wives seemed to pop up even back then. At the time of this interview, season one just wrapped.

Then, if you jump to Season 13 of Sister Wives, Kody Brown insists he’s the leader of the family. Once more, Kody’s wives all agree with him and claim this is the way their plural marriage works. So, when you hear fan claims about scripted scenes, you can understand why. It seems discrepancies pop up from season to season.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown

Kody Brown’s Women Laugh It Up

During this interview, all the Sister Wives except Robyn showed a sense of humor. Meri stirred up some laughter with what she said about their lifestyle. Meri warned this type of marriage is not for everyone and it should “not to be tried at home”, she joked. Janelle Brown also kept things light.

Robyn, who sounded more serious than lighthearted during this interview, also offered her thoughts. She said you have to know the boundaries and rules of plural marriage to make it successful. She also said that a husband with many Sister Wives can’t be a wuss. Apparently Robyn sees that Kody has what it takes to handle four women.

Robyn entered the family a few years before this interview. When Robyn answered questions during interviews during the first few Sister Wives seasons, some fans took issue with that. Especially questions related to the history of their plural marriage to Kody Brown. But today, with 10-years under her belt with the big family, fans don’t seem to mind much anymore.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Sister Wives: Why Open Up to the World?

One of the questions they answered is why Janelle, Kody and the other women opened up their lives for the world to see? None mentioned money or fame. But they did say their main reason was to show the world they are normal. Other than having five spouses in their plural marriage, they’re very much like an average family.

The Sister Wives mentioned the kids’ events at school and how awkward it was to attend as a plural family. Kody Brown and one of the wives would go as the parents. Meanwhile, the rest of them sat together in another area to watch the event. Now that they don’t have to do this anymore, it makes coming out worth it for the Sister Wives parents.

In this interview, published in 2012, Kody Brown, Janelle Brown, and the others talked a lot about religion. In the last few seasons, the religious aspect of their polygamous marriage isn’t mentioned as much as it once was. Instead, it seems Sister Wives is more invested in showing the battles between the spouses. Probably because that drama keeps the fans coming back.

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