‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Wears Kody’s Brand – Pic Baffles Fans

Sister Wives celeb Robyn Brown and Kody Brown are a bit of a mystery these days even more now that a photo recently surfaced. In that picture, fans spotted something that caused a stir. Robyn will turn 42-years-old in October, so she is far away from her teenage years. Yet, fans can’t get over something she’s wearing that you might associate with a young teen.

Sister Wives: Fans Say Robyn Brown Too Old For This?

From the first time Robyn Brown showed up on the Sister Wives radar, she was tagged as a woman who immediately infatuated Kody Brown. Once married, fans saw the fourth wife as Kody’s favorite and they still do today.

So when this photo surfaced of Robyn wearing a bracelet with a big “K,” the online chatter started. Two camps emerged around thoughts about this photo. On group thought Kody branded Robyn by giving her that bracelet.

While the other camp believed it was all Robyn’s doing. They felt she made sure to show her shared husband her loyalty. Either way, both sides seem to agree it is the behavior of a teenager. One commenter suggested it looks like something a 13-year-old would wear for their boyfriend.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - K Bracelet

Kody Brown Brands Robyn With Bracelet?

Some fans and Sister Wives enthusiasts think the bracelet is a gift from Kody Brown as a sort of a way of claiming ownership. After all, Robyn Brown is his youngest wife and she is attractive. Kody does demonstrate child-like behaviors at times. Fans referred to him as “man-child” in the past.

So, could it have been Kody who gave her this bracelet to wear? Maybe he pledged his devotion to this Sister Wives spouse in an extra special way.

But this screenshot is from Sister Wives Season 4. Think about what was going on at the time – lots of jealousy. Would it make sense for Kody to present Robyn Brown a bracelet with a”K”? It’s like asking his girl to go steady?

No, that would have caused an explosion among his other wives. It makes more sense that Robyn took this upon herself.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown


Sister Wives: Wife Number Four Pledges Her Devotion?

Then there’s the Sister Wives camp that thinks it’s Robyn’s idea to wear this bracelet. Some of the comments online suggest she wants to demonstrate her devotion to her husband. But some followers also think it sends her co-wives a message.

While this picture just surfaced, it came from a scene during Season 4. Back then Robyn Brown still battled the full-blown jealousy of her Sister Wives ladies.

Since 2010 Kody Brown and his clan have navigated through 14 seasons with a new one either still filming or just finished filming. Sometimes Sister Wives seasons came at the rate of two per year.

So It is more likely Robyn Brown purchased this bracelet and took it upon herself to wear it. As one fan suggested – unless Kody Brown presented each of his wives with a “K” bracelet, Robyn had to have purchased it.

This happened about the same time Kody tip-toed around attempting to avoid even more jealousy. So it’s hard to believe he’d brand Robyn or ask her to go steady unless he did the same for all four wives. So the debate does make more sense that Robyn purchased that for herself.

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