‘Sister Wives’: Where Is Robyn Brown? ‘Baby Boy’ Hint Surfaces in Talk with Kody Brown

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is the only wife of Kody Brown who mysteriously fell off the face of the virtual world since last season. Actually, Robyn didn’t show up for their final couch segment in the last episode as well.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Disappeared Before Cameras Shut Down

The Sister Wives “Tell All” episode never materialized for Season 14. So that final segment of three spouses on the couch seemed like an impromptu replacement. But only two of his four wives showed up for that and Robyn was one of the no shows.

Meri Brown was the other wife who didn’t show up for that last episode’s couch conversation. That in itself is a hint because Meri and Robyn are not only Sister Wives but also best friends. So if something was going on with Robyn at the time, then who better to stay at home with her than Meri.

Fans know everything is fine with Meri Brown. She probably has the most presence online out of all the other co-wives and Kody Brown combined since the end of last season. Other than the original Sister Wives matriarch still dangling one leg out the virtual front door of Brown family, all seems fine with Meri.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Kody Brown and Wife Number Four Collect Souls

Robyn Brown said in a previous episode that she knew her son Solomon years before he was born. His little soul was around her for years before he came into this world. The same goes for little Ariella Brown, the youngest of all the Sister Wives kids.

This conversation raised a few eyebrows for the Sister Wives viewers at the time.

Not only did she say that she knew these children’s spirits were around her but she got to know their personalities as well. She knew everything about them even before they were a gleam in their father’s eye.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Bizarre Conversation Transpires

First of all, any time Robyn’s been asked about having more kids, she leaves that answer up to a higher power. And no… she doesn’t mean Kody Brown. What she does mean is if God has that in his plan, then she will bear more children for her shared Sister Wives husband.

So, while it seemed like the Sister Wives family planning has a lot to do with their religion, that’s not all there is to it. A while back a new baby was on the way for Maddie Brown Brush and Caleb Brush. So, the two had a gender reveal event.

Apparently, the head of the Sister Wives clan was wondering about his chances of becoming a father again. During a couch segment, fresh from the thoughts of that gender reveal, Kody turned to his youngest Sister Wives lady and asked a question. That question coincides with events on the timeline for Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Brown Family

Last year about this time, photos of Robyn looking a bit extended in the belly surfaced online. Like the one above. If she really had been pregnant at the time her baby would be born by now. Of course, “Robyn is pregnant” seems to pop up at least two or three times a year. But maybe one of those times it will turn out true.

It would make sense if they decided to keep this under wraps until the next season. The birth of Maddie’s baby highlighted this season. This is Kody Brown and his Sister Wives brood, so there’s always a chance we meet baby Brown number 19 when the new season begins.

Baby Boy Brown?

So, that brings us back to Kody’s question. The Sister Wives father of 18 wanted to know if Robyn Brown did have another baby, what did she think the gender would be. Robyn didn’t hesitate. She said they’d have a baby boy. She looked and acted so sure of herself when answering Kody’s question.

Is Robyn already acquainted with her new little son the same way she connected with Solomon and Ariella? Did this mean there was another baby on the way at that time but they didn’t announce it?

If they filmed Robyn having another baby, the timeline would be just right for this to come to the surface at the start of the next season. During the last season, fans saw a very moody Robyn Brown. She cried over everything. Granted she did have reason to cry on a few of those occasions, but she seemed to turn on the waterworks more than usual.

Was Kody Brown’s question on the Sister Wives show a hint of what fans can expect? Was Robyn’s answer of a “baby boy” an even bigger hint? It looks like we all have to watch the next season to find out. And chances are, Kody Brown is banking on that.

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