‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Tagged as ‘Husband Chasing’ Before Knowing the Browns?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown hid her feelings for a long time before she met her shared husband and it appears she continues to do so today. The fourth woman to join the Sister Wives family realizes what folks think of her.

Robyn knows where she falls in most of the polls floating around out there. They dub her the least liked out of all the co-wives.

This Sister Wives celeb also realizes people think she’s a homewrecker. But it sounds as if worrying about what other people think is nothing new for Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Lived Life Under Wraps

After this Sister Wives lady revealed what she endured in childhood, it’s surprising she opted for a life that entails sharing a husband with other women.

Robyn Brown grew up in a polygamous family. But since she wasn’t the child of her father’s legal wife, he couldn’t acknowledge her in public. Kody and his three original co-wives kept their lifestyle pretty much hidden.

Not too many from the outside world knew they were polygamists. But that’s before they did the Sister Wives reality show.

So it seems Robyn Brown also grew up in a polygamist family. But she kept it under wraps for much of her life. She continued to do so until the Sister Wives cameras infiltrated Kody and his co-wives. So, it seems from a very young age Robyn Brown learned to live being careful of what people might think.

Her family, much like other polygamous families were scared. They worried about the same scene Kody avoided with his quick move to Vegas. People feared the law.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown

Kody Brown Marriage Dilemma

When it came time for Robyn and Kody to get together, another roadblock presented itself. Robyn explains how a woman enters into a plural marriage. She offered that account in a book that the Sister Wives adults penned together years ago.

The fourth wife of Kody Brown explained there are several ways. But because of her previous divorce and the fact she was a single mom she needed to tread carefully.

One way is for the woman to tell her father she wants to join a certain family or let their church leader know. Then the father or the leader of the church approaches the family.

But Robyn Brown’s reputation became tarnished after her divorce, according to this Sister Wives mom. So taking this route into a plural marriage worried her that it might make it look as if she were desperate to marry.

She said at the time people already thought she was looking for marriage. Robyn denies that she was. But by taking the route described above it would add fuel to the fire.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Be So Bold to Expect Another Man to Rise Her Kids?

Robyn Brown said she didn’t want to chase anyone. She explained how in their church community she’d be considered bold to inquire about the availability of a married man. Especially because she had three children.

Any prospects to come her way out of the polygamous community would most likely have several children of their own. So for Robyn to inquire about a married man, well that’s a bold move. Because it would look as if she wanted a man to take on her three children.

Once again Robyn seemed to worry about what people would say. Instead of Robyn making this move, Meri Brown finally convinced Kody to speak to the church leader to get the ball rolling on Robyn Brown.

So it appears she didn’t have to worry about looking desperate as Kody came knocking on the church door after her.

Now married with five kids of her own, Robyn still claims she worries, as people bash her as a homewrecker. Maybe this is why she doesn’t utilize social media as her other Sister Wives spouses do.

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