‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Reveals How She Paid Her Dues to Co-wives?

Sister Wives celeb Robyn Brown didn’t have a smooth transition as the fourth wife when she entered this now-famous polygamous family. Whether you’re a Robyn Brown fan or not, you have to admit infiltrating into a marriage with three wives didn’t look easy.

But now after 10-years into the marriage, Robyn remains part of the Sister Wives clan. So Robyn reveals that she’s paid her dues and at the same time she left fans scratching their heads.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Penniless?

Before Robyn Brown entered the Sister Wives marriage she didn’t have enough money for a tank of gas to fuel a four-hour road trip. Yes, when she was asked to drive to Lehi to meet Kody Brown’s family after meeting Kody and Meri Brown, she couldn’t. Or at least she couldn’t at first until her cousin Reba gave her the money for gas to get there.

When this prospective new wife first pulled up to the Sister Wives home she had Reba with her. What she saw at first left her with quite the impression. The Browns had their convertibles lined up in the driveway like a new-car showroom.

Robyn Brown explained her take on this in a book that the Brown clan wrote years ago. She said to Reba that it felt like an episode of Cribs.

Cribs was a series from MTV that showcased celebrity homes. So, Robyn thought this Sister Wives display was for her benefit. This doesn’t sound like anything Robyn was used to.

As a single mom with three kids and not enough money for a tank of gas, it sounds as if the soon-to-be fourth wife was broke. Some fans believe Robyn saw a better life at the Brown home for her and her kids. But she wasn’t a shoo-in as the fourth wife just yet. Kody Brown had worries.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Kody Brown Inquisition

As seen in the video below, Kody Brown explained what he did next as a type of inquisition when it came to Robyn Brown. After they courted and Kody decided he wanted her in the family, there was still one worry he couldn’t shake.

Robyn divorced her first husband. But to her new Sister Wives husband-to-be, this showed a lack of commitment. This bothered Kody as she already left one husband, he wondered if she’d leave him one day.

Confused fans chimed in back then because he also married Janelle, who married Meri Brown’s brother before Kody. So it’s not as if Kody hadn’t married a divorced woman before.

As Kody explains this, Robyn watches him looking a bit concerned.  They filmed the video below at about the two-year point of the show and two-years into Kody’s marriage to his fourth wife.

So back in 2012, Robyn still seemed to hang on every word from her shared Sister Wives hubby. Kody did tell the audience he finally realized that Robyn would be committed but it took his inquisition to get to that point.

Sister Wives: Finally She Pays Her Dues?

Robyn’s take on her acceptance into the family seems a bit different than what Kody had to say. She claims that she paid dues into the family and her Sister Wives co-wives now realized this.

So just how did she do this? Robyn claims she paid her dues by having Solomon Brown. He is the first child born to Robyn and Kody Brown. Robyn believes after the birth of the baby her co-wives realized that she’s committed. By Robyn bringing a child into the family, the baby bonded them all together.

She didn’t have her second child Ariella Brown until after this video came out. But it sounds like Robyn sees Solomon as a sort of glue that binds her with this family.

Fans got on this right away back in 2012. They thought this was an odd way to describe paying dues. They also lambasted Kody Brown over his take on Robyn’s divorce because Janelle Brown divorced her husband as well.

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