‘Sister Wives’: Was Robyn Brown’s Creepy Gift to Kody Spawned by Regrets?

Sister Wives celeb Robyn Brown gave Kody Brown a gift that fans dub one of the creepiest things that a wife ever offered a second husband. Kody knew Robyn Brown had a past when he married her. So why did Robyn make this seemingly desperate attempt to erase that past?

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Shares Regrets

Robyn Brown made quite the scene for fans of the show when she gave a speech about purity to all the Sister Wives kids. This wasn’t just exclusive for the older kids. No, even Kody Brown’s younger kids were privy to this.

Robyn alluded to giving her purity to a man who didn’t respect it. At the time, this odd lesson about the birds and bees kept the fans buzzing online. It still does today.

Sister Wives’ followers found out a bit about Robyn in these scenes. For one thing, viewers learned that when Robyn gave her purity away she became pregnant with Dayton.

For this reason, she married the man who she claims begged her to give up her purity to him. That’s the biological father of Robyn’s three kids, David Jessop.

What really stirred up the works in this episode was Robyn crying because she wasn’t able to give Kody her purity. Fans rose to the occasion and reprimanded Kody Brown’s fourth wife for what sounded like regrets about having her three kids.

Robyn fought back online. She claimed she only wished that Kody Brown was the biological father of her three kids from her previous marriage. But Sister Wives watchers suggest it sounds as if Robyn lives in a fantasy world at times. They found evidence of this after she presented a gift to her shared husband that fans described as “creepy”.

Sister Wives - Kody Brown

Kody Brown Surfaces As Robyn Brown Erases Her Past

“Out with the old, in with the new,” is how Sister Wives fans describe what they got out of Robyn Brown’s gift. She presented this gift to Kody back in 2015 and fans still talk about it today.

Sister Wives enthusiasts watched as Robyn Brown appeared so distraught when talking about Kody Brown not being her first. So fans suggest it looks like she did something to ease her mind.

Veteran watchers of the show know that portrait above doesn’t depict the correct ages of the kids when Kody met Robyn. He didn’t know these kids when they were as young as they’re depicted in the portrait.

So, it appears Robyn Brown used a photo of her shared husband from his younger years as one image. Then added a photo of her kids from years ago and presented these to an artist.

It appears the artist, named Teddy, is a portrait artist. But not of the people kind, or at least that’s what his site seems to indicate.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Christine Brown Posts

Sister Wives: Controversy Over Co-Wives Thoughts

When the other co-wives eyed the portrait that Robyn presented to Kody, fans thought they looked stunned. The followers of the Sister Wives show didn’t think the other wives’ expressions mimicked someone who found this gift endearing.

But both Christine Brown and Janelle Brown later posted their thoughts, which some fans found unexpected. These two Sister Wives co-wives looked as stunned as the fans were when first seeing this portrait. But instead, their posts indicated how both Christine and Janelle liked it.

Leave it to Christine to get the name of the artist’s site in her post. Christine might have a hidden agenda for doing this. It seems the person who created the portrait of Kody Brown and Robyn’s kids specializes in a different type of portrait…  animals.

Was that a passive-aggressive dig on Christine’s part? Maybe not, it could be this Sister Wives’ mom just wanted to give Teddy a shout-out for his work.

Any which way you look at it, Robyn presented Kody with a gift that suggests she wiped her kids father completely out of the picture. Fans also questioned the significance, if any, of creating this portrait with a young Dayton flashing a thumbs up.

Some fans suggested this was Robyn Brown’s way of expressing how the kids are just fine with this. Apparently, they don’t mind erasing their biological father out of the picture and then plunking the Sister Wives patriarch down in his place.

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