‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Rips into Meri about Her Duties

Sister Wives celeb Robyn Brown had some definite thoughts regarding Meri Brown when the first wife found herself looking at an empty nest. Veteran Sister Wives viewers probably remember what many fans described as Robyn Brown stepping over the boundary at the time.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Lassoed

Fans raised their eyebrows as they watched Robyn interact with Meri on a Sister Wives Tell-All episode years back. Robyn shared her train of thought when it comes to childcare for her kids.

It starts with Meri Brown coming to terms with her only child going off to college. This leaves her pretty much alone, as she shared her home with her daughter Mariah Brown. So a rather sad Meri decides it’s the time in life where she finds herself.

But one co-wife and her Sister Wives shared husband don’t seem to empathize with her at all. Kody Brown strongly suggests before she starts to look for something to replace Mariah’s presence for her to look right here at home.

Both Kody and her co-wife Robyn tell her that she doesn’t have to look far. Especially, Robyn, as she seems to suggest something to fill Meri’s time.

Robyn tells the first wife of the Sister Wives to look right here. She has kids to care for next door. That’s probably not what most empty nesters want to hear.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Meri Brown

Robyn Brown Had Designs On First Wife’s Time

Sister Wives number four declares that the conversation about Meri finding herself makes her mad. Robyn Brown describes Meri as “thanking us all” for helping her raise her daughter. Then Robyn Brown declares that she expects Meri to do the same for her – help her raise her kids.

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Fans dropped their virtual jaws over this statement from the youngest wife in the Sister Wives tribe. When Robyn joined the family, Mariah was already a teenager. While Christine Brown and Janelle Brown did diaper duty and bottle feedings for Mariah, Robyn Brown certainly didn’t.

Kody and Robyn advocated for Meri to help out with the youngsters. But it seems like Christine and Janelle had a different take stemming from years back on the first wife when it came to disciplining the kids.

Sister Wives: Maddie Brown Brush Tweets

Sister Wives: Back In The Day…

While Robyn Brown appears to want Meri’s help, there was a time when a co-wife had a problem with Meri. Especially the way she treated this co-wife’s kids. Christine Brown once said her kids were “wary” of Meri to the point where Christine confronted the original Sister Wives matriarch.

Christine said her kids were afraid to cross her path accidentally. It got to a point where Christine lost her cool and screamed at Meri over this. She told her to leave her kids alone.

It sounded as if the first wife of Kody Brown was more on the strict-side at the time. Then another incident with the Sister Wives kids popped up. What appeared to be an online interaction between Meri Brown and Maddie Brown, Janelle’s daughter.

Meri wrote online without mentioning a name, how someone working for her selling clothes was taking it more like a hobby than a job. Meri’s post sounded angry. Shortly after that Maddie Brown Brush, who worked under Meri selling those clothes, put up the post seen above. While Maddie didn’t mention any names, Sister Wives enthusiasts assumed she aimed these words at Meri.

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If Meri Brown is the person Maddie points the finger at in her post, then it seems Meri was a bit too strict in the eyes of some family members. So, Robyn Brown may think Meri needs to pay her dues by helping out with her kids. But the fans certainly don’t for two reasons.

First, Robyn didn’t raise Mariah with the other co-wives. But most of all, from the stories that emerge from the other co-wives, she sounded rather strict.

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