‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown’s Family Sermon Ends with Toe-Curling Reveal

Sister Wives celeb Robyn Brown may be the last wife to join this plural marriage but some fans think she took over the role of the matriarch. This is a role that belongs to the first wife, Meri Brown.

Soon after Robyn became the fourth Mrs. Brown, she seemed to step into the role of Sister Wives spokesperson. While it looks as if Kody Brown fancies himself the spokesperson, it appears Robyn slid right in next to him, sharing that position.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Slides In

Robyn Brown apparently comes with a skill for putting things into perspective. This is how Janelle Brown once described her co-wife. Kody Brown still does his bit for speaking for the family. But it seemed as if Robyn addressed more questions during interviews than the other Sister Wives ladies, according to veteran fans.

Robyn Brown also appears to talk for all four wives at times when answering questions during these Sister Wives public formats. So, it stands to reason that Kody asked Robyn Brown to offer their kids a sermon on the importance of purity. She agreed but her Purity 101 speech went sideways.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Kody Brown Requests a Sermon

When the family moved to Vegas, they were far away from their church. Unfortunately, Vegas didn’t have one for the family’s religion. So the Sister Wives father of 18 held services at home. Needless to say, the older kids found this a bit boring.

So to liven it up, Kody decided to share his pulpit with Robyn Brown. She decided to speak about the importance of purity. This is a virtue held in high esteem by the Sister Wives parents.

Basically, all the Brown’s kids, who ranged from preschoolers to teens sat and listened to Robyn Brown. The Sister Wives audience described this episode, as an odd version of the birds and the bees.

Robyn talked about a girl who lost her purity to a man who begged for it. Then devastation hit when she found out she was having a baby. To correct her wrongdoing, she married her boyfriend.

Robyn Brown talked about herself in this Sister Wives sermon and later in the show confessed to partaking in premarital sex. She called it the “biggest mistake of her life”. That’s because Robyn claims she gave up her purity to someone who didn’t respect it.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Posts 2013

Sister Wives: Fans Stunned Over This Purity Lesson

Sister Wives viewers were bowled over by Robyn’s purity speech. They were shocked that she divulged this in front of all the kids. Not to mention that the big mistake that got her pregnant resulted in the birth of her son Dayton.

Comments flooded the social media sites suggesting this was not something this family should share with the public. Robyn Brown did answer the Sister Wives’ comments back in the day.

She got plenty of comments after her purity sermon in 2013. Fans became outraged at her talking about her pregnancy in such a negative way with Dayton and the other kids there.

Check out Robyn Brown’s answer above to one of the fans who called her out on this. They gave her a verbal lashing for discussing her biggest mistake the way she did. She battled back with her reply above.

Kody Brown’s fourth wife also got weepy and alludes to regretting not being able to offer her purity to her Sister Wives husband. Fans called her out on this as well. To fans, it seemed as if Robyn wanted to erase her life up until the time she met Kody.

Fans lambasted her for sounding like she regrets having kids. They also went after her for wishing she saved her purity for Kody Brown. So fans slammed Robyn online over her “regrets.” She answered the comments with a spin on what she originally said.

Robyn Brown said that she regrets Kody wasn’t the biological father of her kids. She also regrets not waiting until she married before giving up her purity. That sounded much better but the other version continued to swirl the online world and still, fans bring it up today.

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