‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Mows over Kody – Angers Another Co-wife

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown apparently takes a few liberties with Kody Brown that one of his other co-wives would never attempt. This made for some hurt feelings when one wife witnessed Robyn Brown in action.

Apparently, this went on for some time and the hurt feelings did nothing but fester until it came out in a therapy session. This wasn’t a session that Robyn and Kody attended. No, it was another Sister Wives member, Christine Brown, who talked about the effect Robyn has on Kody Brown.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Seen as the Problem?

The adults in the Sister Wives clan showed up on the TLC reality series at one time or another in therapy. But It looks like Kody Brown has them all beat. He does therapy with his wives as individual couples when needed. So it’s safe to say he’s probably seen a counselor more than his spouses have.

Meri Brown talked about what she discovered through therapy in a book the Sister Wives adults wrote together years back. Meri explained how when Robyn came on board, saw this new wife as the center of her problems with Kody Brown.

But Meri said she soon learned that she was blaming Robyn for all her problems with Kody when she shouldn’t have. Those problems started long before Robyn Brown surfaced on their Sister Wives radar.

So things got better between Meri and Robyn. That is once Meri realized how the fourth wife was not the problem. Now that’s Meri’s case but Christine Brown presented her problem with Robyn a bit differently.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Kody Brown Leads the Wives… Except One?

It seems Christine Brown’s problem with Robyn went a bit deeper than the interaction between her and the newest wife. Christine was angry and a bit hurt but not at what Robyn did to her. It’s what Robyn Brown continued to do to their Sister Wives’ shared husband.

The third wife of Kody Brown was angry at her husband for allowing the interactions she’s witness between him and Robyn Brown. Christine claims she never argued to get her way with Kody Brown. She also said how she always did what he needed and didn’t voice her opinion when it differed from Kody’s thoughts.

Christine claims she just gave in and did things the way her husband suggested. She expressed these thoughts in couple’s therapy with Kody. It was her way of avoiding confrontation, she explained to the therapist.

Sister Wives: What Robyn Did To Anger Co-Wife

It seems that Christine sees her young counterpart as doing just the opposite with Kody. Christine turns to Kody and said she was shocked at the many times Robyn Brown disagreed with him. This is something this wife of the Sister Wives tribe would never dare to do.

When the therapist asks Kody Brown if Robyn consistently had a voice in her relationship with him. He didn’t hesitate and said “yes”. Christine said she was shocked that Kody loves Robyn after how she disagrees with him so much. She also appeared envious and hurt for Kody not allowing her the same voice as Robyn in their marriage.

It seems what the Sister Wives followers suspected had a bit of truth in it. Many believed the youngest wife often got her own way. Now it seems Christine feels slighted because she sees this too.

After almost two decades of doing things Kody Brown’s way without any friction from Christine, in walks Robyn.  Now Kody’s third wife watches as his new wife calls the shots. The animosity grew for Christine and it all comes out in therapy.

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