‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Is an Actress – Appeared in Movie and TV Shows

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is a veteran in front of the camera as the TLC reality show is not the only gig she’s had on the screen. Robyn Sullivan Jessop, who is now Robyn Brown since she married Kody Brown, has several acting jobs under her belt.

This isn’t a well-known fact about Robyn Brown. It seems this wasn’t mentioned on the Sister Wives series, or if it was, it slipped by many fans. While in the other gigs listed for Robyn place her playing a role, that’s not the case for Sister Wives. Or is it? The TLC show is realityand not scripted, or so they say.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown No Novice On the Screen

Sister Wives viewers learned this season that Robyn can turn on the waterworks just as fast as she can turn them off. Is that just Robyn with her natural emotions or did her acting days help her master that skill?

So where would you have seen Robyn Brown on the screen before she made her debut with Kody swooning over her? Before the Robyn you know from Sister Wives joined the Brown family, she made a movie. In 2000, Robyn Sullivan played the part of a cheerleader in the CMT Movie Countdown.

She’s on the list as Robyn Sullivan Jessop Brown, which confused some fans. Since the movie’s release date was in the year 2000 some fans became confused. They wanted to know why her name appeared as Brown a decade before meeting Kody.

Robyn Brown Has History With Brown Name

That’s easy enough to explain. Probably either the Sister Wives celebrity or her manager updated her name once she married Kody. This happens quite frequently on the sites that list the credits for individual actors.

So, Robyn Brown appears in the credits today. But when the movie first rolled out, long before Sister Wives, this actress probably called herself Robyn Sullivan.

While Countdown didn’t list a plot, it seems this Sister Wives spouse played one of several cheerleaders in that flick. But she is fourth down on the cast list. This usually indicates she had a decent role with an ample amount of screen time.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Robyn Was a Mere Teen Back Then

That was a decade before just her presence changed Kody Brown into one smitten fellow. While it’s just a coincidence, Robyn’s name in her movie role was Robyn Brown.

Who knew that a decade later she’d play a real-life role with that same name? Well, she did manage to do just that when she became a famous face in Sister Wives and she still is today.

Kody Brown’s wife is 41 today. So, a young Robyn played that cheerleader back in 2000. If the math is correct, Robyn was only about 20 when she made her movie debut.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Acting Credits



Sister Wives: Who Knew?

Besides Sister Wives, the last credit listed for this mom of five… the movie Countdown. But before that, when just a teen, Robyn Sullivan landed a role in a TV series that filmed in 1997. This is the first credit listed for Kody Brown’s youngest wife.

She appeared as a model in an episode of Just Shoot Me that aired in 1998 called “Steamed”. So, Kody Brown’s fourth wife is a model and an actress.

Just Shoot Me was very popular in the late 90s. It was nominated for several Golden Globes and Primetime Emmy Awards. It appears as if a teenager named Robyn Sullivan looked like she fit the role of a model.

Not much more is provided for this Sister Wives part on the show. But it looks like she once had a hankering for acting and quite possibly still does.

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