‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Growls about Too Many Wives Clogging up the Works

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown blames Kody Brown for his collection of wives as she faces a roadblock that crops up due to his plural marriage. Robyn once seemed to go along with everything Kody Brown threw at the family. But as the Sister Wives seasons roll by she seems to bite back more and more.

For someone who praises the Sister Wives way of life, Robyn Brown is bound to stun fans in the next episode. There’s also another thing different about Kody Brown’s fourth wife today. Robyn seems to fancy herself as the spokesperson for the family.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown New Matriarch?

Meri Brown is the original Sister Wives matriarch. But it almost looks as if Robyn takes over that role today. So, in the next episode when Kody and Robyn sit in front of the cameras for a chat, Robyn takes over.

She’s quick to put Kody Brown in his place as he describes the perils of mortgage approval on Sister Wives. Kody talks about the wait for getting the approval as if it’s something normal. But Robyn claims it’s the plural marriage lifestyle that makes things difficult for the lender.

Kody turns to her and says she knew that when she joined the family. Robyn’s face turns serious and it almost looks as if she harbors some animosity over what Kody just said. Then she blurts out how she married him and not his wives. Wow… these are the same Sister Wives she cried over not too long ago. That’s when she thought spending the money to buy the house would bring hardship to the other wives.

Robyn Brown didn’t want to use the money and put the Sister Wives family behind in building homes on Coyote Pass. Now it sounds like she’s blaming Kody for having so many wives. That’s because the bank needs to obtain their finances as well. But this seems to clog up the works when attempting to secure this mortgage.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Robyn Didn’t Marry All These Wives

Kody Brown’s name appears on all the properties owned by his wives. So his finances became so enmeshed that lenders need to examine not only Kody’s financial holdings but all four of his wives’ finances as well. It’s easy to see the youngest wife of the Sister Wives tribe is not happy over this long delay.

Once again, Robyn Brown takes the road that this is a hardship for her kids. During the time this next Sister Wives episode rolls out, Robyn and Kody rent the home that they intend to own. Apparently the original closing date came and went. They scheduled the closing just a few days after they first moved in. But that didn’t happen. All the other wives needing to turn in their financial papers but a big delay on the mortgage approval.

So Robyn Brown claims she told the kids that the closing is this week and then they push it another week away. As of this Sister Wives installment, it happens several times. In the new episode, three weeks go by as they rent the home they thought they’d own by now.

It seems she stopped telling her kids the latest update for the closing because she’s disappointed them a few times already. She doesn’t want to stress them out so she keeps quiet about the new date they have.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Hardship or Drama?

Her two little kids seem too young to care. The three teenagers now live in the same house they’ll call home once the closing takes place. So, how much stress do they really experience? It looks like Robyn Brown barks at her shared husband around every corner in the next episode. She blames him for having four wives worth of financial papers for the bank to go over.

Some fans might find it hard to feel sorry for Robyn’s predicament considering she’s in a house worth nearly a million bucks. As far as the kids go, the parent’s ownership of the home isn’t going to change much for them, they are already living in the house.

So, did they add drama or did Robyn suddenly become tainted toward the family? Tune in Sunday night to TLC at 10 pm EST to see this battle continue.

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