‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Repeats History In Her Second Marriage?

Sister Wives celeb Robyn Brown was married once before but she divorced after citing complaints that sound familiar to some fans today. The fourth wife of Kody Brown said that she parted ways with her first husband because he was abusive to their kids. It seems Robyn described it as bullying behavior towards the kids.

Any type of verbal abuse toward children is nothing to take lightly. But some Sister Wives fans seem to think there’s a pattern emerging from Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown In Mama Bear Mode?

Robyn’s first husband is David Preston Jessop and their marriage lasted from 1999 to 2007. She joined Kody Brown as his fourth wife a few years after her divorce. It seems the youngest wife of the Sister Wives tribe divorced her first husband because of the way he treated their children.

Robyn’s ex appears completely out of the picture. He apparently gave up all rights to his three children. Then let another man legally claim them as his own, Kody Brown.

Now this season Robyn and her shared husband go head to head. But they dragged the kids into this argument. While Robyn thinks Kody is to blame by telling the kids too much, fans think Robyn is playing this up for the drama. After all, it makes the Sister Wives world go round and brings back the viewers.

While Kody Brown attempted to make Robyn realize they needed to buy a house in the last several episodes, her anger seemed to grow. She claimed Kody forgot about “my kids” while she talked solo into the Sister Wives camera.

Robyn also became infuriated when Kody Brown told her daughters something she didn’t like. The Sister Wives patriarch said that if they bought the house they were looking at, they’d have to change schools. Robyn cut her shared husband right off between his sentence and said that is not going to happen.

Sister Wives: David Jessops - Robyn Brown

Kody Brown Takes Over

Robyn Brown became more and more agitated at the thought of buying a house in Flagstaff. At the same time, she seemed hyper-focused on her three older kids. Particularly with everything Kody said to them or in front of them.

At four and seven, this didn’t seem to faze Ariella Brown and Solomon Brown. They are the two youngest kids as well as the biological children of Robyn Brown and Kody. Even though Kody adopted Robyn’s three oldest kids, she’s lately referring to them as “my kids”.

This wife seemed to forget the major changes made by her Sister Wives family to make way for Kody to adopt her kids. This included Meri Brown and Kody Brown legally divorcing.

Kody and his youngest Sister Wives spouse sat down to tell their five children that they needed to move from the rental. But this Sister Wives celebrity mom did something odd.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Drama Makes the Show Go Round

Before her daughter Aurora Brown looked even the least bit distressed, Robyn ran over to her and comforted the teen. Immediately Aurora went into a panic attack on the show.

Following that reveal, you could see the drama unfold as Kody and Robyn continued to fight about a rental home vs. buying a house. Involving the kids played out through a few episodes. During her last few solo interviews on the show Robyn continues to refer back to her kids.

It seems Robyn is suddenly calling Dayton Brown, Breanna Brown, and Aurora Brown “my kids” as opposed to “ours”. Fans who heard Robyn talk about her divorce from her first husband now suggest it looks as if she may have a pattern.

The argument she’s got going on with Kody right now has to do with just her and the Sister Wives husband. But fans she Robyn making it about the kids. Some viewers hopped on social media to suggest this is all is nothing but drama for the Sister Wives show.

Robyn Brown is an actress with a movie and a TV show listed in her credits. Some people believe that she pulls from her drama skills lately to beef up the show. As the TLC reality winds down for the season, there has to be a cliffhanger or two in the works.

Tune in to TLC on Sunday night at 10 pm EST to watch this drama unfold on his popular reality show.

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