‘Sister Wives’: Did Robyn Brown Jolt Kody Using Oldest Trick in Book?

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown showed up on the scene after Kody Brown spent 16-years or more with his three original wives. His main problem back then with only three wives looks just like today with four wives… lack of money.

The Sister Wives head of household worried when he first fell for Robyn Brown, as he found himself cash strapped. That tune didn’t change, it sounds as if it’s a long-running problem. But it once stood in the way of a marriage proposal he felt compelled to make.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Put on Hold

Kody fell hard for Robyn Brown, who went by Robyn Sullivan, at the time. But he couldn’t see his way financially to support another Sister Wives co-wife. He knew he wanted Robyn Brown as his fourth wife but how to support her was a question he couldn’t answer at the time.

It seems he was so smitten that he wasn’t about to let a little thing like finances step in the way of another eternal love. But until he could support her, the proposal needed to wait.

In the world of polygamy, long courtships and long engagements don’t traditionally happen. Usually, once it’s decided that you will join a family as a sister wife it takes place rather quickly and with little fanfare.

But this is Kody Brown. So, things don’t always tend to work out traditional for the head of the Sister Wives household. Not to mention Kody Brown probably could use fanfare as his middle name.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown

Kody Brown Struggled For Money To Set Up Housekeeping For Robyn

Once Kody and Robyn knew they were meant to be together, he wanted to pop the question. But again, it’s hard to do that when you’re broke. They needed money to move his future wife to Lehi. Which in turn would move their relationship along into a Sister Wives status.

Kody Brown needed to bring Robyn to Lehi. During the courting stage she did live in Utah, but a 3-hour car ride away from her future family. That was a long ride for Kody to take her to dinner and a movie. Then factor-in the 3-hours it takes for Kody Brown to get back home.

So, as much as Kody Brown wanted to ask Robyn for her hand in marriage, it had to wait. But Robyn Brown wasn’t looking forward to a long engagement. She wanted to become a part of Kody’s Sister Wives clan as quickly as possible. But, whether Robyn and Kody liked it or not… they had to wait.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Robyn Gives Kody a Nudge?

Sister Wives‘ Robyn Brown explained a few years ago how so many things got in the way of the engagement. It sounded as if Robyn was broke as well.

So it appears she couldn’t help much financially at first when they needed to move her to Lehi. The future Sister Wives number four wife was then a single mother with three kids.

It seems after their courting period went on for while Robyn dropped a bombshell into Kody’s lap. Kody Brown says she rocked him to his core with the news she handed him.

At the time fans thought Robyn Brown knew what she was doing. The chatter suggested she gave him a nudge so he’d pop the question.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Kody Brown

Kody Brown Has Competition?

Robyn Brown told her future Sister Wives mate that a distinguished gentleman from their church made inquiries about her. So apparently while Kody dragged his feet, she came into the scope of another potential suitor.

Robyn explained how she basically told this man thanks but no thanks. as she already knew the direction of her destiny. But that didn’t calm Kody Brown down at all.

It seems he couldn’t wait to ask Robyn to marry him after that. Kody said that he planned to ask Robyn on her birthday. But with her suddenly receiving other inquiries, Kody acted quickly. He asked Robyn to enter his Sister Wives brood as wife number four. She gave him a jumping-for-joy “yes”.

Sister Wives’ followers suggested that Robyn Brown used one of the oldest tricks in the book to push Kody along. Conjuring up some jealousy is often used as a motivator in relationships.

Whether Robyn Brown meant to do this or not, it seemed to work and she successfully became engaged as pending wife number four.

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