‘Sister Wives’: Kody Sees Meri like Just Another Supermarket Cashier?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown once again puts Meri Brown off in the distance when he describes today’s relationship with his first bride. The words Kody uses to explain how he feels about Meri seem harsh. She is also his TLC co-star, and even on the level of only another cast member, the words seem a bit cold.

But the key to all this coldness towards Meri Brown might have to do with the show. With his wives being co-stars of Sister Wives, they need to stick around.

What viewers witnessed in the last few episodes appears as if Kody and Meri torture each other by staying married. But without Meri, would Sister Wives even survive?

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Sees Meri Brown as Just Another Acquaintance?

The scene out of the therapist’s office was enough to suggest Kody Brown harbors disdain for the first of his Sister Wives brides. He claimed he resents marrying her. He also suggests that Meri manipulated him into wedlock.

So, today when describing what his relationship looks like with bride number one, it’s generic at best. He mirrors those words you might use to describe a neighbor you don’t know very well. The Sister Wives patriarch could describe the person delivering his mail with the same words that he assigns to how things are with the first woman he married.

Kody claims that his “relationship with Meri is at best just distant and amicable.” It sounds like he’s critiquing a service provider. Much like the customer service he received from a cashier at their local supermarket. He claims there’s distance between them and he sees it as pretty much mutual.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

It’s Not Over In a Plural Marriage for Kody

Sister Wives fans heard Meri say on camera that she can’t make Kody love her. She also said she’s hanging in there. But in a recent interview, the Sister Wives shared husband added detail. It seems the leader of the family, Kody Brown, explained how he and Meri Brown remain in a dark place.

But this is nothing new. He continues by suggesting it’s been this way for a long time. He hopes their relationship improves. Yet, it doesn’t sound as if he puts too much stock into that happening.

Kody Brown leaves the door open for any of the Sister Wives ladies to leave or divorce him. But that’s not an option for him. To Kody being in this plural marriage, means he’s in it for life.  Kody needs to remain Meri’s husband even if it’s just in name only. That’s because it’s the commitment he made to all his wives.

But, they have the option to escape this marriage. Only if that’s what they want. He explains how for him, it’s never over in plural marriage. Not when you’re the husband.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives: Is Meri Hopeless In Flagstaff?

Meri Brown packed up and headed to Flagstaff with the rest of the Sister Wives clan. She did this despite loving her life in Vegas. As Kody said it’s been a struggle with the first of four wives.

If what the fans got to see on screen between Kody Brown and the original Sister Wives matriarch is any indication, they’ve hit a new low. During a preview of a coming episode another one of the co-wives chimes in. She tells the viewers that Meri Brown and their husband’s relationship is sad.

This couple started the plural marriage. Now it’s famous thanks to TLC’s Sister Wives. But does the reality show doom them to stay together? Neither seems happy but she isn’t about to leave. Kody Brown claims he can’t sever his ties to any of his wives as divorce is not a real option for him.

But there’s also Sister Wives, which made this family a household name. As much as fans seem to shake their finger at Meri Brown, it probably wouldn’t be a hit without her.

So, while Meri Brown hopes for a chance with Kody Brown and he claims he can’t divorce her, it brings even more drama to the show. One can’t help wonder if it’s not so much the marriage or the TV program that keeps these two in a strange place. This couple remains together in marriage while very much apart from each other.

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