Sister Wives: Meri Brown Goes a Sentence Too Far about Mariah’s Passion?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown adores her daughter, Mariah Brown, so her latest post may surprise her fans. Even when the Sister Wives followers pointed out that Mariah was a bit rough on her mom in past seasons, Meri seemed to ignore it.

It’s possible she overlooks this because Mariah Brown is so special to her. This mother from the Sister Wives series only has one biological child. Still, their relationship seems to have made great strides over the last year or so. Meri does visit Mariah and her fiance, Audrey Kriss, in Chicago quite frequently.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Reflects on Past With Mariah Brown

After jumping back online following a week of silence, it looks like Meri Brown does some reflecting back to the past. Veteran Sister Wives fans probably noticed there are very few recent photos of this mother-daughter alone online. So when Meri Brown posted a photo of just her and Mariah, the show’s followers took notice.

Meri seldom appears with Mariah on social media. But when she does, the photo usually contains Meri, Mariah, and Audrey Kriss. The woman Mariah plans to marry is also special to Meri Brown. This mom from Sister Wives considers Audrey her second daughter.

Sister Wives: Mariah Brown - Meri Brown

Proud Daughter – Just Look At Social Media Posts

Both the original Sister Wives matriarch and her daughter seem to display the same type of poses online from time to time. They also seem to have a lot of the same facial expressions including their smiles.

Even the way the two of them tilt their heads in their individual shots look similar. If you follow Mariah Brown online then you know what yoga means to her. She has enough poses of herself doing yoga to fill a book on the topic.

Mariah Brown dedicated a great deal of time to learning and mastering the art of yoga. This daughter from Sister Wives also obtained the certifications to teach it. But this is one set of poses that Meri isn’t that invested in these days, which she shares in her recent post.

Meri Brown shared a picture of herself with Mariah Brown on the lawn at Lizzie’s Heritage Inn, which appears above. It’s obvious what the mother-daughter duo from Sister Wives are doing – yoga. It’s a throw-back photo and it seems this is part of Meri Brown’s recent reflections during her week of quiet on social media.

Sister Wives: Mariah Brown


Sister Wives: Mariah Can’t Get Enough – But Meri Can

While Mariah loves yoga, apparently Meri Brown doesn’t, as she shares this in her post. The Sister Wives original matriarch writes, “she’s cool, I’m awkward” then follows it up with – “Did I mention I am not a yoga fan?”

Not liking yoga is Meri Brown’s prerogative. But this probably wasn’t the time and place to express this. It’s almost as if it can take a little wind out of Mariah’s sails.

This is her mom, so you’d expect her to be a bit more supportive. It’s okay if you don’t like it, but for the sake of the post maybe keep that to yourself? It seems as if a couple of fans hit on this in the comments.

It appears the Sister Wives viewers caught this rather awkward sentence. A couple of fans jumped in to polish off Meri Brown’s declaration of not being a fan of yoga.

The comments seem like attempts to add something to Meri’s dislike of yoga sentence and smooth it over. One of Meri’s followers suggests that Meri is a “fan” of  “spending time with your daughter”. This is probably the way Meri should have finished off her post.

Another fan reminds Meri Brown that spending time with her daughter is “priceless”.  It seems a few of Meri’s fans from Sister Wives caught how her “not a yoga fan” probably wasn’t the best thing to add to this post. It’s okay not to like yoga but since it appears so special to Mariah Brown maybe that was a sentence she could have left out.

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