‘Sister Wives’: Does Meri Brown Fear Wrath of Mariah If She Left Kody?

Sister Wives celeb Meri Brown spun a bit of a mystery last season with Kody Brown and some fans think her Mariah Brown is at the center of this. Meri Brown learned Kody regretted the day they married. She also learned that he keeps Meri as his first wife only out of moral obligation. This is how Kody described his feelings toward Meri at a therapy session.

That shocking Sister Wives display was followed up by something even more shocking. Meri did or said nothing about Kody’s reveal of seemingly despising her. Instead, this mom of one appeared very invested in trying to create what she once had with her shared husband. But Kody Brown refused that idea. Now it looks like Meri has to do it Kody’s way and attempt to build something new. That is if she wants him back.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Shocked the Viewers

The Sister Wives followers were outraged at Kody’s words. But they seemed more shocked by Meri’s response to Kody during that session. Many fans hoped against hope that Meri would leave. Not in the future, but immediately. Especially after his demeaning words became a source of pain and embarrassment.

She did look into the Sister Wives cameras and say that she had no idea where this came from. But she stayed even after that horrendous put down by her shared husband.

Sister Wives followers know she didn’t leave because the two appeared on social media together last week. At that time their relationship didn’t appear at all strained. It seems that a clip from an episode back in the third season of this TLC show may shed some light on her fear of leaving.

As far back as several years ago, Meri toyed with leaving her husband. The only thing that stopped her back then was her one and only child Mariah Brown. She feared leaving Kody Brown would hurt Mariah by taking her away from her siblings and her huge family.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Splitting With Kody Brown a Decade In the Making?

So, Meri Brown wasn’t content for the last decade in the Sister Wives clan, or so it seems. But today Mariah is a grown woman getting ready to walk down the aisle and marry her college sweetheart, Audrey Kriss. So, Meri’s leaving shouldn’t be an issue anymore – or is it?

On the season before the last Sister Wives season, Meri attempted to mend bridges with Mariah Brown. Her daughter was angry at her mother for that catfishing incident. While Mariah said she could look past it, but her mother needed to own her part in the scandal.

Mariah Brown wanted her mom to say she was at fault as well as the scam artist. Most of all she wanted Meri to stop playing the victim. Mariah Brown seemed tough on her mother in a couple of the Sister Wives episodes over this. It seemed as if Audrey stepped in and prompted Mariah to make amends with her mom.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Meri Brown - Janelle Brown - Christine Brown - Robyn Brown

Sister Wives: Mariah Brown – Daddy’s Little Girl?

Meri’s only child also seemed to side with her father through this Sister Wives drama. While her daughter sided with her father Meri looked for her forgiveness at the time. Now getting back to Mariah’s influence over Meri Brown today, fans think nothing has changed.

Sure Meri did say leaving Kody Brown would mean leaving the family. But she didn’t say anything about Mariah’s feelings at the time. It seems the bond that Mariah has with her father is quite strong. It’s strong enough where fans see her siding with her father if Meri left him.


For this reason, fans think the only way Mariah Brown would keep her mom in her good graces is if she stayed with Kody, her father. One fan wrote that if Meri left Kody, it would only take a few seconds for Mariah to disown her mother. Evidence of this seemed to come from the scenes between Mariah and Meri during the time Meri’s catfishing incident was revealed to the family.

So, despite Mariah Brown living her own life today, it seems the die-hard fans of Sister Wives believe Meri Brown stays with Kody and the family only so she can have a relationship with her daughter. If she left, fans think Mariah would turn her back on her mother.

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