‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Amazed, Stunned, and Tenacious In Chicago

Sister Wives star Meri Brown doesn’t sit still for very long as she’s in Chicago this week after her trip to California over the weekend. Fans know the main reason Meri is infatuated with Chicago. That’s because her daughter Mariah Brown and her partner, Audrey Kriss are windy city dwellers.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Takes Chicago

It looks like this Sister Wives celeb mixes business with pleasure during this trip. While she’s shared video clips highlighting the fun, she also has sales on her mind. While standing in the middle of a Chicago street wearing Lularoe’s “Irma,” Meri Brown offers a sales pitch leading to her website.

After a few blurbs on clothing, the tenacious Sister Wives salesperson goes on to spotlight the fun part of her visit. Meri Brown offered up her feelings about Chicago in the past, she loves this city. But some of the odd things she sees while out and about seems to stun the mom of one.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Don’t Flush This…

It seems this Sister Wives spouse never misses an object of interest – no matter where she is. It looks like Meri found one of those interesting things in a bathroom somewhere in Chicago. Check out the picture above that instructs people who use the facilities what not to flush.

When Meri Brown happened upon this little frame of bathroom instructions, this apparently stunned the sightseer from Flagstaff. But not only was she stunned during her visit with Mariah Brown and Audrey Kriss, but she was also amazed as well. She saw a few sights that she found worth mentioning.

Earlier this summer, a few local Chicago newspapers reported the Sister Wives show filming in Chicago. So maybe Meri continued with the filming this week besides taking in the sights.

Whatever she did while in that City, she appeared to have a ball with her two girls. Mariah Brown is her daughter but this mom often refers to Audrey Kriss as if she’s her second daughter.

Meri Brown took a while to process the news that her daughter is gay, seen in the video below. But Meri not only got through any worries she had over this, but she’s also thrilled today to have Audrey as another daughter.

Sister Wives: Mesmerized By Shopping Cart Ride

Meri Brown seemed amazed by the modern technology she stumbled upon in Chicago. The Sister Wives mom shared a shopping experience with her fans that mesmerized her. While at a department store Audrey gave Meri a demonstration that she just had to film.

An escalator for shopping carts only carried Audrey’s cart down slowly to the next floor. This happened simultaneously as Meri, Audrey, and Mariah took the people escalator next to the one where the cart made its descent.

The Pups Get a Treat as Well

Meri’s day wouldn’t be complete unless she gave her pups a treat. Both Koda and Mosby live full time with Mariah and Audrey. So when Meri Brown visits, she gets some quality time with the dogs she considers her family members with four legs.

She gave the pups some Bully sticks. Sister Wives followers learned from an earlier post by Meri just what they consist of. The ingredients of the treats – dried and stretched pull penis. Yep, the matriarch of the Brown clan already enlightened her fans on that previously.

There you have it… Meri Brown takes Chicago from bathrooms to shopping carts. While reports put the Brown tribe still filming the next season, there’s still no word from TLC when the new season starts.

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