Sister Wives: Kody Brown Faces Competition – Old Sock Pile and Pets Matching Furniture?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown looks lonely as Meri Brown shines, Christine Brown puts a sock in it, and Janelle Brown matches pets to furniture. It seems Kody Brown and his four spouses act a bit odd these days with reports of cameras in tow for a new season. Instead of promoting unity among this Sister Wives polygamous marriage it seems they’ve spotlighted their solo lives. With the exception of Robyn Brown, who seems to have gone dark on social media over the past few months.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Looking Like a Lonely Pop Online

Father’s Day came and went with something missing. It looks like the only tribute Kody got online among the five spouses in this plural marriage was from himself. The four mothers of his Sister Wives brood didn’t mention a thing about the father of their kids. So Papa Brown was only one among the parents who make up this plural marriage to acknowledge Father’s Day.

The days of Christine putting Kody Brown on a pedestal online seem to be gone. Then Meri mentioned at the end of the last season of Sister Wives that she and Kody are in the dating stage again. But you’d never know it by what’s posted online.

There are no cute shots online of the two of them warming up to each other again. No, instead Meri appears as an entity on her own. Although she recently shared a pic helping out Robyn and Kody’s son after a tumble from his bike.

Patriarch Pats Himself on the Back

As the day went on Sunday, Kody put up three posts. He told followers that he’s learned to manage his expectations on Father’s Day. “It sounded like code for I am not getting my hopes up.” Then he posted a picture of himself and his youngest child. He made sure the Sister Wives followers online knew just what his daddy duties looked like. He describes just changing a “blowout diaper” and giving his toddler daughter, Ariella Mae Brown, a bath.

As the day progressed it looks as if Kody posted a tribute to himself. It was a post from Father’s Day last year from his daughter Aspyn Brown. He reminded his Sister Wives viewers what last year’s Father’s Day was like for him. So, you might say, without any new original tributes he pulled up a rerun. That’s ironic given hints of them shooting another season.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown - Christine Brown

Sister Wives: Mundane Posts Online

Meri Brown, Christine Brown, and Janelle Brown are active online. Although Robyn Brown was very active. Now, she’s away from social media over the past few months. She’s MIA from online posts and family events. This drives fans to ask is Robyn possibly pregnant?

While TLC hasn’t sent down the official word, it looks like Sister Wives is filming another season with cameras hovering around the Brown clan. There wouldn’t be a show without all wives on board, so why don’t Kody and his wives at least look unified across the platforms on social media?

Christine Brown recently posted a pile of mismatched socks with her feet in the picture. Janelle seems infatuated that the color of her pup’s fur matches their sofa. Then there’s Meri who is just grinning from ear to ear in her recent posts.

But there’s no pic or mention of Kody Brown from any of the Sister Wives spouses. So it looks like he’s in competition with these rather mundane posts.

TLC Works Their Magic?

The TLC network knows how to lead up to a new season without throwing a huge advertising campaign. TLC’s 90 Day Fiance show’s cast members have revealed in the past how their contracts include keeping different aspects of their lives quiet ahead of a new season.

Maybe Kody Brown and his four wives are adding this flare of mystery to their relationships to keep the fans looking forward to their newest Sister Wives season. With all the reports about the four wives at odds and Kody treating Robyn like his only wife these days, fans will want to know what is really going on.

This keeps them anticipating the next season. So, is ignoring Kody all part of a bigger plan for getting the viewers all hyped up for a new season?

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