‘Sister Wives’: Meri Doesn’t Want to Hear About This on the Tell All

Sister Wives “Tell All” episode rolls out Sunday night and it looks like Kody Brown‘s spouses put their foot down on a few things. Meri Brown, in particular, refuses to mention one event because she doesn’t want accusations flying that she keeps bringing it up. Still, as she gets ready for the season-ending episode, Meri knows they’re going to ask her about it.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Won’t Go There Again

Robyn Brown, along with Janelle Brown, offer up the one topic they’re both done talking about. Janelle pipes in that she just wants to move forward. But all these questions pop up for a reason. The Sister Wives family opened up their lives to the public via the TLC show.

So it’s not as if people are prying into their lives uninvited. Sure, the Kody Brown brood is entitled to their privacy. But when they share something on the show they should expect it’s fair game for people to discuss.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Wives of Kody Brown Tired of Same Questions?

So what are Kody Brown’s wives most tired of talking about? For Robyn, it sounds like it’s the move. Seems Janelle agrees but there’s something else as well. The scandal that continually plagues Meri Brown grows old for all the Sister Wives brood.

You know the one, it begins with the letter “C” and ends with “fish”. Meri Brown pipes in and says she won’t talk about it because she’ll be accused of bringing it up. She also knows someone will mention the topic in the season-ender episode. But for the record, it won’t be Meri Brown.

Janelle hopes they’ve moved past that and wants to see the show concentrate on what’s going on today. As far as stress during this last Sister Wives season, Janelle and Robyn found the move stressful. Janelle also found Gabriel’s response to the move very stressful as well.

Sister Wives: Clever Editing Like Smoke and Mirrors?

It sounds like Kody Brown and his four wives, Janelle, Christine, Robyn, and Meri Brown were back in the studio a few days to film the Sister Wives reunion segment. Part one of that episode airs Sunday.

It looks like the edited preview clip lets you see just part of their conversations. Put a few of these lines together and it makes for some interesting clips. Like the one that started all the buzz online when Kody mentions a new girlfriend.

New Girlfriend Buzz Online

Chances are that was a ploy with editing and he can be talking about a number of things. It doesn’t necessarily mean that Kody has a new girlfriend. It also looks like Meri is trying to make headway with Kody Brown in the Sister Wives preview clip but possibly to no avail.

When she asks Kody if things are good between them, that’s when the camera offers a shot of Kody Brown looking very ambivalent. He shrugs his shoulders and frowns. But that facial expression didn’t necessarily follow Meri Brown’s question.

It could have been taken at any time during the reunion show taping. The editing of these clips together could suggest an entirely different topic than the one they really talked about. Check out the Tell All episode Sunday night on TLC. That’s the only way you’ll hear the entire conversation.

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