‘Sister Wives’: Even Christine Brown’s Dirty Dishes Attracts Thousands

Sister Wives star Christine Brown might have the stuff to be a successful standup comedian, which is evident lately in her online posts. It sure looks like Kody Brown’s third wife knows how to make a joke out of the strangest things. A few of her recent posts offer evidence to her tendency to laugh at life when she can.

Sister Wives: Ink Job for Christine Brown

Her one-liners as far as picture captions, often give way to a laugh, or at the very least you’ll find yourself smiling. Sister Wives co-star Meri Brown recently posted pictures of exotic ports of call while on a cruise. In contrast, the third wife of Kody Brown stays as far away from exotic as one can get.

Christine recently became frustrated when her printer ran out of ink. Most folks know how irritating that is when you hit the “print” button and the print job looks like a ghost of what it should be. Or the paper comes out as white as it was when it entered the printer.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Gives Mundane Scenes Meaning in Photos

When a lack of ink disappointed Christine recently,  she opted to take a picture of the open printer. She shared her frustration with her Sister Wives fans. From a picture of a bunch of packaged food to a photo of her latest manicure, Christine offers the rather generic scenes from everyday life.

Another funny comment from Christine is found on an Instagram post of her and Kody Brown. They posed together at Aspyn Brown and Mitch Thompson’s wedding. While they looked like proud parents of the bride, there was something else going on in the picture. While most fans agreed this is a beautiful photo, it was her take on the “hands” that caused smiles to emerge.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Kody Brown and Christine in Sleight of Hand?

Even Christine couldn’t explain the odd thing she spotted between herself and Kody. She writes that she laughs every time she eyes this photo. Why? Because she can’t figure out what their hands are doing. It looks like Kody Brown’s hand is holding her back and and it looks like Christine’s hand is holding him up.

Although, the eye does have a tendency to focus on Kody’s kilt first. Because he’s showing off his knees, which is not something Kody does often on the Sister Wives show. Once you get around to the hands, yep – it looks awkward. Christine was happy to point that out for her Instagram followers.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Can’t Get Much More Generic Than This

Apparently Christine Brown felt the need to not only snap a photo of her sink full of dirty dishes but to share them online as well. There are not too many homes across the nation that haven’t seen this at one time or another in their own kitchens.

Fans of Sister Wives hopped online to comment about her kitchen utensils and stoneware dishes. A few wanted to know where she got some of the stuff in the picture. It looks like she just about started a shopping frenzy with this photo.

Yes, it looks like Christine Brown has quite a sense of humor. She’s also a lady that doesn’t put on airs. So she’s got a sink full of dishes. Apparently, the next best thing to washing them is to share them online.

Even with the standard scenes of everyday life, Christine Brown still attracts the interest of the Sister Wives viewers. Over 4,500 people “liked” her pile of dirty dishes, so that says something about this woman’s charisma!

Sister Wives: Sings a Good Tune

When Mykelti Brown asked Christine Brown to sing at her wedding, Christine decided she needed singing lessons. Her sense of humor also shown through as she belted out “Let Me Call You Sweetheart”.

Even when she had no place to stay in Flagstaff after the move while waiting for her house to close, she kept things humorous. Instead of camping out in Robyn’s huge mansion while waiting for the closing, she was adamant about not doing so. Christine’s spiel on why temporarily staying with Robyn wasn’t a good idea made viewers smile.

She said, “Can you imagine? I love these ladies and they love me too, but do I want to live with them? No. Do they want to live with me? No”. She continued on about how she raises her kids one way and the other moms each has their own way of child rearing. Yes, Christine Brown does seem to provide some comic relief among her family and to the viewers of the TLC reality show.

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