‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Blamed for Promoting Jealousy Among Wives

Sister Wives star Kody Brown seemed to open a can of worms when he shared a post online that he found disturbing only to have it backfire. The husband of four is still collecting comments from fans today. Some of the Sister Wives enthusiasts see Kody Brown’s chosen lifestyle as a sure-fire way to promote jealousy.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Opened the Door for a Swarm of Comments

Some fans even ventured as far as to quote the Bible. They did this in an attempt to point out how polygamy goes against the good book. “Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery” is mentioned regarding the Sister Wives patriarch.

It appears Bible-quoting and the condemning of polygamy is strongly represented in the comments. But this also sparked a debate online. Tempers flared between Kody Brown’s die-hard fans and some of the other Sister Wives followers.

Kody posted a link to an article that reported a high incidence of suicide among FLDS members who left the sect. The Sister Wives shared husband said that he mulled it over for about an hour but the sadness over what he just read haunted him. This had nothing to do with the Brown family but suddenly the tide changed once he shared the post.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Polygamy Promotes Jealousy?

So when the Sister Wives father of 18 shared this post, people gravitated toward the “sadness” reported by Kody regarding this story. Suddenly some of the fans attempted to empathize with Kody Brown’s wives.

It looks like several of the Kody’s followers think there’s a reason for sadness among the wives. Several people suggested they could never share their husbands with other women. People seemed convinced that a shared husband promotes jealousy and sadness among wives.

Still, others suggested that Kody Brown’s spouses choose this life. Not only that but they also continue to stay with the Sister Wives tribe.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown

Sister Wives: Not Kody Brown Or His Wives

The article that Kody Brown highlighted talked about the high rate of suicide among the people shunned from the FLDS church. After making the choice to leave the church or if they were ousted from the FLDS sect, these previous members share how they feel hatred from all their loved ones.

This shunning from the FLDS church left them with no one. It seems Kody’s family and friends who still practice this religion can’t associate with them. As soon as they jump ship it’s forbidden by the church. This left some of these former members suicidal. The article included some people who followed Warren Jeffs’ sect of the religion.

The Sister Wives family has nothing to do with Jeffs or that arm of the religion. Still, Kody was bothered by the article that affiliated suicide with the FLDS. So he decided to share his sadness over this online but it seemed to backfire.

Fans Missed the Point?

This also got confusing for some Sister Wives watchers. A few people even hopped online to say they were confused about what was going on because it was a post about suicide. Yet, the comments honed in on sad wives.

Despite the original topic of the article, some of the fans of the Sister Wives zoned in on Meri Brown’s sadness. Then some people started to rally for her. Even though Meri really didn’t fit into the topic at hand, the show’s fans lambasted Kody over making Meri sad.

The Sister Wives fans ran with this article in a totally different direction. They associated this sadness with the jealousy created by bedding down more than one woman.

So fans went after Kody Brown for promoting jealousy within his Sister Wives nest because he has four wives. But it seems all Kody wanted to do was share how this article saddened him.

Still today, the comments gravitate toward both Kody Brown and Meri Brown. After all, she went through a harrowing time with the Sister Wives spouses in the last season.

So fans tend to see her as someone feeling the downside of a polygamous relationship. One thing you get out of all these comments, there are a lot of people out there who have Meri’s back.

But the folks who follow Meri Brown online see a different Sister Wives celeb today. She found independence and appears to enjoy her friends as she travels with the LuLaRoe family of sales associates. Her smile lights up her posts and she’s sharing messages that seem to suggest she doing things on her own today.

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