‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown Shaded by Robyn’s Friend – Fans Won’t Like This

Sister Wives star Meri Brown is reportedly no longer a reserved woman that quietly shares her husband with three other women. New claims by an unverified source say Meri Brown is moving on with her life and dating multiple men. But this must be taken with a grain of salt as the source is someone who claims to be a former close pal of Robyn Brown.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Back Just for Filming?

The same report also indicates what many Sister Wives fans assumed. This first wife reportedly is only around for the TLC show and no longer lives day to day as part of the extended family. When the cameras aren’t rolling, sources say Meri Brown goes back to living an independent life running her businesses.

This is what Robyn Brown’s friend, Kendra Pollard-Parra, had to say about Meri. Fans of the show wondered about this for a while now. Kendra is described as a “former friend” of Robyn Brown dishing on Meri Brown. It sounds like this woman got her info from a picture posted by Meri online recently for her social followers.

This photo showed Meri with four Lularoe co-workers getting ready for an adventure. All four are men and they’re getting ready to go for a 12-mile bike ride at one of the ports of call. And yes, Meri’s going with them! However, Robyn’s friend makes it sound like Meri Brown is out dating. It’s just a bike ride, though!

Sister Wives - Meri Brown

Robyn Brown Has Ex-Friend With a Lot to Say?

Meri stands with two men to her right and two men to her left. Sure, this photo might work to get Kody Brown a little jealous but it doesn’t mean she is dating all (or any) of these men.

With Sister Wives’ popularity, the first wife of Kody Brown seems to stand out online. She seems to get the most attention when it comes to the numbers of folks who follow her.

Not all reality show fans take what they see or hear for granted. There’s been a lot of questioning going on regarding Meri’s family status. Some think she’s possibly keeping her single status quiet so the show can go on.

Sister Wives First Wife has Protective Fans

Many of Meri Brown’s fans take for granted that once the show ends, she’ll finally break free and live her own life. That’s instead of keeping everything under wraps like she may be doing today. Her finally living the life she wants is something the fans would love to see. In fact, many fans urge her to leave Kody and the Sister Wives show.

But as far as her “dating many guys” as Robyn’s friend claims – that seems to be some bit of fiction – or at least unproven gossip. Meri’s fans know her well from the TLC show and by following her actively on social media.

So, they are not likely to believe what this ex BFF of Robyn Brown’s has to say about their favorite wife of Kody’s. Although many would like to see Meri settle down with a man that’s all hers.

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