‘Sister Wives’: Kody Brown Twist of Fate Unfolds For New Season?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown remains quiet online today but his latest transactions suggest he fell flat on the goals he set for the family last season. So what will the patriarch of the Sister Wives clan’s next move look like?

With a new season reportedly in the works, it looks like Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown fend for themselves these days. From the many online posts, it looks like three of the Sister Wives spouses finds themselves without Kody Brown much of the time.

But TLC might have a reason behind creating this impression. A lot of what the Brown family members can and cannot due depends upon whether or not they’re under a TLC contract at the time.

With a new season reportedly filming, it looks as if they might be under the obligation of a contract today. This would play a big part in what is and isn’t posted online.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Morphs Into Mystery

It seems Sister Wives enthusiasts spot Kody at the local Flagstaff gym now and then. But other than that, it looks as if he and Robyn Brown fell off the face of the planet. That’s in comparison to Christine Brown and Janelle Brown, who update their online followers frequently. Then in the case of Meri Brown, this Sister Wives fan favorite shares her coming and goings almost daily online.

When the Sister Wives last season rolled to an end, Kody Brown wanted to build one huge home. He hadn’t presented his plans to his wives at the time. But fans thought the presentation of the elaborate blueprints he had drawn up would somehow play into the next season.

But since fans last saw the Sister Wives clan in action as a family, it looks like things changed. The decisions Kody made were for the good of the family. Today it looks like it’s Robyn Brown who benefits more than the other wives. Kody Brown purchased a $900K home for Robyn in rural Flagstaff as the family’s dream plot of land sits untouched.

Did something transpire since the Kody Brown and his family moved to Arizona? Holiday pictures popped up over the last several months with the wives seemingly spending them alone, like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Second-Time Grandpa Remains Quiet

When Maddie Brown Brush gave birth to Axel Brush two years ago, the proud Sister Wives grandparents stood side-by-side with the newborn in arms for a photo. This time around Janelle Brown and Kody Brown don’t show up in a photo together with the baby.

The birth of their second grandchild, Evangalynn Kodi Brush, was mentioned separately online by the biological grandparents. The only thing Kody posted online about his new granddaughter was a link to an article announcing the birth Maddie and Caleb Brush’s second child.

Janelle and Christine both posted photos of the kids going off to school but not Kody. The Sister Wives don’t even display pictures of themselves with the other wives anymore. But is this a hint that things started to unravel? Or a publicity ploy to get folks interested enough to tune in to their new season?

Sister Wives: Almost a Day Trip to Each Other’s Homes

The Sister Wives big move to Flagstaff was expedited by Kody Brown. The family would need to scatter across the city to fulfill all their housing needs in their new Arizona city. Scattered is the best way to describe their housing locations today compared to the cul-de-sac houses they built in Vegas.

Kody’s wife, Christine Brown, has a home that is nine miles from where Meri’s temporary rental sits. Then Meri is another 13 miles from Janelle’s home, which rules out a quick cup of borrowed sugar when needed. Meri, Janelle, and Robyn rented homes while Coyote Pass building was to start.

Christine, who seems to be a responsible pet owner, purchased her temporary house. That’s because Kody’s wife Christine couldn’t find a suitable rental that allowed her pets on the premises. Whether or not they’d build one big home or four smaller homes, the plan was to build on Coyote Pass.

That hasn’t happened yet. Other than a few moving-type trucks spotted on the property recently, it lays dormant of any life. That, of course, is besides the prairie dogs that play havoc with the land.

Viewers of the show remember the warning that came from the real estate agent. Shelby looked concerned as the kids played in the dirt when they first toured the land. She warned the Sister Wives adults that the prairie dog feces in the dirt at Coyote Pass could cause disease.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown - Robyn Brown

Kody’s Promised Land – Home to Only Rodents Today?

So the only living things on that plot of land today seems to be the rodents. Now with the latest news about Kody springing for $900K for a luxury home for Robyn, it looks like things might have drastically changed. Check out Robyn’s new lavish digs above.

The Sister Wives brood already owns Coyote Pass which cost them $820K. So as that sits vacant, the wives remain scattered as Robyn gets what looks like a dream home.

So what does Season 14 have in the cards for the Sister Wives family? Janelle and Christine have certainly kept the viewers updated on their activities with their kids via online posts. But they share nothing about Kody.

Meri keeps fans informed about all her journies since the last season closed. Other than spending time with her daughter Mariah Brown and Audrey Kriss, it doesn’t look like she has too much to do with the extended family. That also includes Kody Brown.

Is This a Twist of Fate or Ploy to Pull Fans In?

Since the end of the last season, Kody is barely mentioned by his Sister Wives women. So what is happening behind the scenes? When the Sister Wives moms first learned they had to scatter around Flagstaff, they worried. Their concerns centered on their close-knit relationships unraveling. So have their worst fears materialized?

All four wives worried that the distance between their homes would slowly pull the family away from each other. They worried the time spent as a family would grow fewer and further apart.

When the new season returns will the Sister Wives be totally different than the tight-knit family they’ve always portrayed? Or is TLC creating this mystery around Kody to keep the viewers interested? It’s one way to rustle the show’s fans back when Sister Wives Season 14 starts up.

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