‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Holly Allen to Be Evicted on Jackson Michie’s HoH?

Big Brother spoilers reveal that Holly Allen could have gone to the jury house on her showmance’s reigning week. HoH Jackson Michie nominated Cliff Hogg III and Tommy Bracco, but Nicole Anthony won the PoV. She plans on using it to take down her Final 2 partner Cliff which would force Jackson to nominate the other half of his showmance, Holly. Not only that, but Nicole knows that this would be a huge move and is too good of an opportunity to pass up. But will she go through with it?

Big Brother Spoilers: Nicole Anthony Wins ‘BB Comics’ Veto

Big Brother spoilers show another annual power of veto competition took place this weekend. This time, it was BB Comics which gives each of the Big Brother 21 houseguests their own superhero alter-ego. The remaining players Jackson Michie, Holly Allen, Tommy Bracco, Nicole Anthony and Cliff Hogg all participated. But it was Nicole who ultimately swooped down and won the competition, saving herself and possibly Cliff from eviction.

Nicole has won her only two Big Brother competitions in the past week, but is forming quite the resume to earn that $500,000 come finale night. She has gotten rid of Christie Murphy, who a lot of the other houseguests viewed as a threat. Yet, her biggest move might be what happens if she goes through with a huge game move.

Nicole Anthony Tells Viewers She’s Using The Veto

With her ride-or-die sitting on the block, Nicole Anthony is about to make a big move for her Big Brother game. She told live feed watchers that, “I am taking Cliff down.” She knows that if she does that Jackson Michie will be forced to put up Holly Allen. He wouldn’t have any other choice.

If that happens, both Nicole and Cliff will be the only ones voting come Thursday. They can send Holly to the Big Brother jury house with a unanimous vote. Which would have to be the biggest game move of the summer. It just might be the best example Nicole could give on why she deserves to win the whole thing.

Big Brother Spoilers: Jackson Michie’s Game Could Be Over Too

Because Big Brother spoilers have Jackson Michie currently sitting on the HoH throne this week, he cannot play in the next one. So, if Holly Allen does get evicted on Thursday, his game could be coming to an end, as well. If he’s targeted by the next Head of Household, his only chance would be the win the Power of Veto. Which would be a chain reaction from Nicole Anthony using the veto to save Cliff Hogg from the block. It would be a Dan Gheesling approved game move. Can Nicole pull it off or will she crumble when it comes crunch time?

Watch Big Brother tonight on CBS to see Jackson Michie win the HoH and make his nominations.

UPDATE: Holly stuck around but made a dangerous deal to do so – read all about it here.

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