‘Big Brother’: Jackson Michie Says Holly Allen is the ‘Best Thing’ From BB21

Big Brother 21 winner Jackson Michie just celebrated girlfriend Holly Allen‘s birthday with a touching, yet confusing, Instagram post. He explained where they were both at in their lives last year and how their reality television experience changed their lives for the better. Jackson said his relationship with Holly was even better than winning the $500,000.

Big Brother: Jackson Michie Writes Touching Birthday Post to Holly Allen

Jackson Michie and Holly Allen met and fell in love during their time on Big Brother 21. Although Jackson was originally interested in Kathryn Dunn, he and Holly eventually got very close. To the point where they struggled to separate their relationship and the game. When Jackson won the Final HoH it was almost guaranteed he was taking Holly to Final 2. He won it all and Holly came in second.

Since then, the Big Brother couple has only gotten closer. In fact, Jackson posted a heartwarming message to Holly for her birthday on Saturday.

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A year ago today I was working a 12 hour double saving every penny I could before I moved from Nashville on February 1st. If you would’ve told me then that I’d be where I am now, and with who I am with now, I would’ve laughed in your face. I never could have expected the past year to go the way that it did, but after everything that has happened—good and bad—the biggest and best thing to come from it all was this woman right here. — — — On paper, neither of us expected nor seeked out a relationship this past summer (especially on national television living together in a house of chaos) but we both left that experience better than we walked in and blessed with a new teammate for life by our sides. Holly exemplifies everything I could want in someone: strength, courage, drive, focus, selflessness, love, compassion, and most of all her sense of humor and her spirit can light up any room. She’s taught me that acting less and thinking more isn’t always a bad thing, she’s proven that faithfulness in a relationship is possible, and she’s done nothing but support and motivate me in everything that I’ve done since the second I’ve met her. — — — A year ago today Holly was blessed with another year on this earth, 7 months ago I was blessed with meeting this angel, and today I’m blessed with being right next to her as she takes the next year head-on. Here’s to you and all that today has to offer. I hope it’s half as spectacular as you are and all that you want it to be. — — — Day 75 Holls.

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He Calls Her The ‘Best Thing’

According to Jackson Michie, he “never could have expected the past year to go the way that it did”. He went from picking up his whole life and moving to California, to winning Big Brother. But that wasn’t the only thing the watermelon-loving man walked away with. Jackson also captured Holly Allen’s heart and vice versa. Even though he won half-a-million dollars, he says the “best thing” to have happened to him in the past year is Holly.

He said that Holly, “exemplifies everything I could ever want in a woman: strength, courage, drive, focus, selflessness, love, compassion, and most of all her sense of humor and her spirit”. Jackson ended the post by signing “Day 75” which appears to be their version of “I love you”.

Big Brother: Holly Allen Says Jackson Michie’s Her ‘Favorite Part’ From Past Year

It seems that Holly Allen feels the exact same way as Jackson Michie. The wine safari guide responded to her boyfriend’s post by calling him her “favorite part of the past year”. She said he makes her “better” and she’s “excited for the future” with him. They seem to be in it for the long haul. Do you think there’s going to be a wedding in their future?

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