‘Big Brother’: Tommy Walks In on Jackson Michie and Holly Getting Busy

Big Brother 21 has been a season full of “frisky” activities – with Jackson Michie and Holly Allen some of the main contributors. Tommy Bracco was performing his punishment duty and walked in on them getting dirty in the HoH room. Then, he stuck around for a moment. It’s starting to feel a little bit more like Love Island than Big Brother this summer. Here’s a look at the peeping that went on during the CBS BB21 All Access Live Feeds

Big Brother 21: Jackson Michie & Holly Allen’s Relationship

After Jackson Michie was done with whatever he was doing with Kathryn Dunn, he quickly moved on to Holly Allen. Those two have been connected at the hip (and other parts) since around the first week of BB21 . It’s been a pretty steamy relationship including some hook ups at various points.

Not that it’s a surprise in the Big Brother 21 house, but this season is probably one of the highest for the most amount of showmance pairs. There’s Jackson and Kat, Analyse Talavera and Jack Matthews, and Isabella Wang and Nick Maccarone. Personally, Jackson Michie’s on showmance number two… And this is not the first time someone’s walked in on a couple getting jiggy.

Tommy Bracco’s BB21 Explorer Punishment

As one of the six competitors in the PoV competition this week, Tommy Bracco was unlucky enough to wind up with a punishment. Tommy’s unpleasant task is called Big Brother Explorer. So, he has to wear an outrageous costume. In addition to the ubiquitous unitard element, he’s got to run around the house at the demands of BB.

His punishment entails moving around the house at three different speeds whenever the house gives the signal. Tommy’s three speeds consist of speed of light, speed of sound and speed of smell. Speed of smell seems to be the most unpopular with the other houseguests prompting lots of jokes.

Tommy Bracco Sees Too Much of Jackson Michie

In the middle of performing his Big Brother 21 punishment duties, Tommy Bracco stumbled upon Holly Allen and Jackson Michie in the middle of performing more personal activities. The couple was in the HoH room canoodling when Tommy burst through the door blowing his air horn. No doubt production knew what was happening upstairs when they sent him out exploring…

Tommy quickly realized what was going on when he noticed Jackson’s pants weren’t on all the way. While Holly Allen hid under the covers until Tommy was gone. He apologized and ran around the room really fast before leaving the two to get back to “business”. So, he literally caught Jackson Michie with his pants down on Big Brother. #Awkward

Big Brother: Holly Allen Mad Tommy Busted Them Getting Busy

Obviously, Tommy Bracco walking in on them didn’t make Holly Allen very happy. She was actually a little angry about it. She went down to the kitchen and told some of the other houseguests that she and Jackson Michie are not like Nick and Bella. But it was too late for her to salvage anyone’s dim opinions of what they were doing.

Because Tommy had already told practically the entire house that he walked in on Jackson Michie zipping up from doing the horizontal mambo with safari guide Holly Allen. Whoops. As for Jackson, he didn’t seem embarrassed at all. In fact, he got a full-on belly laugh going while stuffing his junk back into his trunks and re-fastening his pants. Let’s see if that scene makes it to air on BB21 tonight at 9 on CBS.

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