‘Big Brother’: Holly Allen and Jackson Michie Questioning Each Other’s Loyalty

Big Brother 21 showmance Jackson Michie and Holly Allen seem to be heading straight toward those coveted two seats on finale night. Jackson won the first part of the HoH competition, while Holly Allen secured a win in the second. Which means they will face off in the third and final part of the HoH. It seems the couple likely will bring the other. But is there a chance for a huge betrayal and backstabbing come time for the HoH winner to decide the final two of BB21?

Big Brother: Jackson Michie & Holly Allen Dominate HoH Part 1 & 2

Jackson Michie powered his way to victory through the physical HoH Part 1. On the other hand, Holly Allen had to rely on her memory for Part 2. The first competition required stamina and strength as the remaining three Big Brother houseguests had to run, jump, climb and solve puzzles. So, the ohysical aspect seemed tailor made for Jackson Michie, who possesses the most physical prowess of the final three.

However, Holly and Nicole Anthony competed against each other in the second part of the HoH. Although we only got a glimpse of the partially constructed set, it appeared to require the two women to remember the days of important BB21 events. Big Brother fans and houseguests tend to refer to this specific competition as the “Days Comp”.

BB21 Showmance Talks Betrayal?

After Holly Allen won the second part of the HoH, the couple celebrated the fact that they were assured Big Brother 21 Final 2 spots. But both quickly started having doubts about the other stabbing them in the back and taking Nicole Anthony. It started around midnight when Jackson Michie asked, “you promise you are taking me if you win?” Then, Holly Allen made a joke about the tables finally turning.

Yet, not even 15 minutes later, she made a similar comment to Jackson. “You better not win and pick her [Nicole]” Holly warned Jackson Michie. This had Jackson bringing up his past girlfriends “accusing” him of something that they were doing to him. Big Brother live feeds show he asked her once again if she was going to take Nicole. But, Holly Allen said “no”.

Big Brother 21: Will Holly Allen Stab Jackson Michie In The Back?

Jackson Michie would be a tough player to beat no matter who he faces in the finale. He has played the superior game from an objective point of view, despite always being the biggest target in the Big Brother house. Of course, his jury management could have been better. But Holly Allen might have a better chance if she made a huge move and chose Nicole Anthony over Jackson Michie. The jury could possibly think Holly played a better game than Nicole.

It’s unlikely that Holly Allen would ever make such a move, no matter how exciting it would be, against Jackson Michie. He has the former Miss Wyoming under his spell and she rarely does anything that he tells her not too.

Big Brother airs tonight at 8 pm on CBS. But don’t forget to tune in on Wednesday and Thursday night for the two-part finale.

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