‘Big Brother’: Why Jackson Michie Is Probably Going to Win BB21

Big Brother 21 player Jackson Michie probably has the best chance to win. BB21 is nearing its end but there is still half a million dollars up for grabs. With only four contestants left in the game, one would think that anyone could still win it all. Yet, Jackson Michie practically has CBS signing him a check right now with the way he’s played thus far. Will he walk away with the $500,000 grand prize come finale night? Here’s why Jackson is probably gonna win BB21.

Big Brother Update: Jackson Michie Has The Most Comp Wins

Out of the remaining four Big Brother houseguests, Jackson Michie has the most competition wins. He has won a total of 7 competitions this summer. That’s 3 HoH’s and 4 PoV’s. Not only that, but his latest veto win has probably secured him a spot in the final 3 along with Holly Allen and Nicole Anthony. Nicole put the showmance on the block, but if Jackson Michie uses the PoV on himself, he gets the power to pick who goes to jury.

Both Holly and Cliff want to take Jackson to final 3 on Big Brother. So, Michie will probably just vote out Cliff and keep Holly. Because if it came down to it, Cliff would most likely take Nicole to the final 2 and there’s no way Holly would doublecross Jackson at this point.

His Tommy Bracco Lie Was Manipulation At Its Finest

If his competition wins aren’t enough to impress the Big Brother jury, Jackson Michie also made up an impressive lie to save Holly Allen and get Tommy Bracco evicted. It involved overhearing a conversation between the Broadway star, Nicole, and Cliff about the final 3 and then feeding it back to Cliff and Nicole, so they would think Tommy was playing both sides.

It led to a huge confrontation where Tommy was made into the villain. With Jackson Michie pulling the Big Brother puppet strings all the while. It could be the biggest game move of the summer. However, Nicole and Cliff only decided to evict him after Holly swore she would throw the next HoH and PoV.

Big Brother: Jackson Michie Has Pretty Good Jury Management

Most of the jury consists of players evicted under either Jackson Michie or Holly Allen HoH reigns. Yet, their relationships weren’t really soured. Because a bitter jury can cost you the game, it’s important to keep playing nice even after you send someone packing. So, if Jackson sits next to any of the other remaining contestants on Big Brother finale night, he could very well win it all.

Jack Matthews was his “bro” and Analyse Talavera will probably vote however Jack tells her. Jessica Milagros basically worshipped the ground Jackson walked on. If Holly goes to jury, she can probably convince Kathryn Dunn to vote for Jackson. Nick Maccarone is a little bit of a wild card. But Christie Murphy could be influenced by Tommy Bracco, who might be bitter about how he went out. Still, we know to “expect the unexpected” when it comes to the social experiment.

Big Brother airs tonight at 8 pm on CBS.

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