‘Big Brother’: Jackson Michie Calls Holly Out For Not Wearing Bra – BB21 Showmance Couple Fighting Again

Big Brother showmance Jackson Michie and Holly Allen are squabbling once again. This time instead because Jackson made a comment about Holly not wearing a bra. It happened after Holly apparently had warned him not to expose himself to live feeders. Which had Holly upset because he tried to claim she was being a hypocrite and saying she was doing the same thing. This caused some more tension between the two, yet once again, they are back to normal. But did Jackson Michie go too far?

Big Brother: Jackson Michie Moons The Cameras

Things can get boring really quickly in the day-to-day life inside of the Big Brother house for players like Jackson Michie and his showmance Holly Allen. When they aren’t participating in competitions and having ceremonies, they have to do things to pass the time. Otherwise, it might get even crazier than usual for the five still in the game. But that doesn’t mean everything they come up with is a great idea, especially for the live feeders watching their every move.

Jackson Michie thought it would be a good idea to show his butt to the cameras and moon feeders. Holly Allen, on the other hand, didn’t and told him not to do it. Yet, Jackson went ahead and did it anyway with Big Brother trying to censor it by switching it to the fish tank camera. Too bad there was a moment where someone messed and everyone got a glimpse of his booty.

Jackson Michie Tells Holly Allen to Wear a Bra

Before winning the HoH competition today, Jackson Michie made a comment that caused some trouble for him and Holly Allen. The former Miss Wyoming was performing her strenuous makeup routine in the Big Brother RV bedroom when it happened. While his exact words were too low to hear, it seems he told her that she should, “put on a bra.”

Holly said she hadn’t worn one because she hadn’t felt good the past few days. She was throwing up yesterday, which may have left her in a sour mood. But Jackson Michie’s comment did upset her a little, yet Jackson appeared to be the one more affected by the situation. It’s not the first time the two have had a spat in the Big Brother house.

Big Brother: Jackson Says Holly Has Double Standards

Jackson Michie did provide an explanation after he told Holly Allen she should be wearing a bra. His reasoning behind it is based on something she had said to him previously about not exposing himself to the Big Brother cameras. While Michie said that she was using a “double standard” Holly reminded him that he was showing his “balls” to the live feeders on purpose. So, it’s completely different, but Jackson still made her feel bad about it. Despite saying he wouldn’t care if the cameras weren’t watching them. Do you think Jackson Michie has any business telling Holly what to do?

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