‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Tommy Bracco Confesses He Knew Christie Outside BB House – Did He Seal His Fate?

Big Brother spoilers reveal Tommy Bracco spilling the beans about his biggest secret to Jackson Michie and Holly Allen. While Tommy and Christie Murphy managed to keep their outside connection a secret for 80 days, Tommy finally cracked without her there. His position on the chopping block may have pushed him into taking a big gamble. He told Jackson and Holly that he used to date Christie’s aunt and that they were friends, which resulted in different reactions from Michie and Holly. But was it good move, or did he just seal his fate for the impending eviction?

Big Brother Spoilers: Tommy Bracco Hits The Chopping Block

Big Brother spoilers show Jackson Michie secured yet another Head of Household this week. His latest victory gives him a total of three HoH wins so far this summer. He’s now guaranteed a spot in the final four, but everyone else still faces the threat of eviction. Michie nominated Cliff Hogg III and Tommy Bracco, but any one of the remaining four could be evicted on Thursday night. Even Jackson’s Big Brother showmance partner Holly Allen if Nicole wins the PoV and uses it on Cliff.

It seems that the target this week is Tommy Bracco, who has only seen the block once, at the double eviction. His social game has been very good and has managed to keep him safe up until this point. But did the pressure of being on the Big Brother block cause him to blow a chance at redemption?

Tommy Tells Holly & Jackson Michie His ‘BB21’ Secret

Both Tommy Bracco and Christie Murphy entered the Big Brother house with a huge advantage. They knew each other before entering the BB house. Christie had dated Tommy’s aunt for a long time and the two were even friends. Probably something that should have been kept a secret until the $500K was in his pocket. But with Christie’s sudden departure, he has been left all alone and made a move that may have cemented his eviction.

Big Brother spoilers report that Tommy was in the HoH room with Holly and Jackson when Christie was brought up in the conversation. Holly was kind of bashing her and telling them what she did wrong in the game. Abruptly, Tommy cut in saying, “I knew Christie before coming into this house.” His revelation appeared to shock Holly, yet Michie kept his cool, while Tommy got a little emotional.

Big Brother Spoilers: Jackson & Holly Comfort Tommy Bracco – Did He Tank His Game?

Tommy Bracco was understandably emotional after getting the weight of his secret off his chest. He got a little teary-eyed as he told how Christie Murphy used to date his aunt.. Holly and Jackson promised that they would keep it between them, with Michie claiming, “it’s all good bro.” But was he just saying that to placate the Broadway star? Now they know he has a guaranteed vote in the jury house with Christie which is a huge advantage.

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