‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Jackson’s Veto Breaks Deal – Cliff Scrambles To Save Himself

Big Brother 21 spoilers tease Jackson Michie’s plan is to secure himself and Holly Allen in the final 3. But Cliff Hogg III just so happens to be collateral damage from the move. While Jackson used the veto on himself, that automatically puts the oldest houseguest on the chopping block alongside Holly.

That would be fine if Jackson planned on following through with the flimsy deal he made with Nicole and Cliff. Instead, he’s going to vote out the Texan in order to keep his girlfriend. But do Cliff and Nicole have one last trick up their sleeves on BB21?

Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Jackson Michie & Holly Allen Make Sketchy Deal

As a last resort to save herself, Holly promised that she would throw the next HoH. Not only that, but she apparently agreed to throw the PoV competition as well. Which is ridiculous because it would ensure the end of either her or Jackson Michie’s BB21 game. But agreeing to a deal and honoring it are two different things.

So, while Holly did throw the HoH to Nicole Anthony this week, the couple was not about to give up their only chance to stay together. Jackson ended up winning the Big Brother PoV and everyone would have to be crazy if they didn’t think he’d use it and that he’d voluntarily vote out Holly.

Jackson Breaks The News To Nicole & Pal Cliff

Now that Jackson Michie has the Big Brother Power of Veto, it would be incredibly foolish of him not to use it. Although the veto ceremony has yet to take place, Jackson has already told all of the remaining Big Brother houseguests what he’s going to do with it. Obviously, he’s going to use it to take himself off the block, but he’s going to vote out Cliff.

Holly was already aware of this move, but Cliff and Nicole were still thinking that he was following through with their deal. That is until Jackson informed Nicole what was really going to happen. She was shocked, but when Cliff found out, he claimed he “half-expected this to happen”. But the two were still angry at the showmance regardless.

Big Brother Spoilers: Cliff & Nicole’s Last Resort

There’s only a 0.001% chance that Jackson Michie would change his mind and evict his showmance partner Holly this Thursday. But it’s so unlikely that Paul Abrahamian would have a higher chance of coming back and winning this season. Yet, Nicole and Cliff are going to make one last attempt to flip the script. They’re promising Jackson that they’ll both take him to the final 2. Here’s the kicker, the whole thing is a sham.

If Jackson falls for it, they’ll turn on him. She said she and Cliff will promise they’re “playing separate games” and each will say he’s their F2. She insists she’s “not lying”. But the final two chair he’ll be in is on jury if she gets her way. This week, Nicole went off on Jackson Michie and Holly, so it’s clear where her loyalties lieWatch BB21 tonight at 8 pm on CBS to see it all play out.

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