‘Big Brother’: Jackson Michie’s Mom Threatens To Sue CBS Via Twitter – Is It A Fake Account?

Big Brother‘s Jackson Michie‘s mother Colleen Michie is making headlines again this week. Before it was rumored that she was trying to block live feeds to protect her son’s image. But now, there is a Twitter account claiming to be ran by Colleen. The account says she has gotten a lawyer involved. The poster blames CBS for making Jackson look terrible and is threatening to take legal action against them. But the account could also very well be a fake created to cause trouble.

Big Brother: Jackson Michie’s Mom Blocks Live Feeds

Earlier, former Big Brother player Jessica Graf made a Tweet asking about the rumor that Colleen Michie, Jackson’s mother, was trying to block Big Brother live feeds. This is due to the perceived negative behavior attributed to her son inside the Big Brother house.

Big Brother fans noticed live feeds being cut whenever anyone else talked poorly about Michie and switching to fish when he might say something off-color. Fans speculated that his mother might have had something to do with it by threatening CBS with legal action.

Jackson’s Mom Pleads Her Case

In a tweet posted by someone claiming to be Big Brother 21‘s Jackson Michie’s mom on Twitter, the person pleads with fans, alumni and production to hear her out. She claims Jackson is really a, “self-less, caring human being,” which is the complete opposite of how they are portraying him.

The post goes on to commend Michie for being, “an open minded individual with large amounts of live in his heart.” Of course, if this is his mother, it’s her job to defend him and she might only see what she wants to see.

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Colleen Michie Laywers Up – Calls CBS Out?

Jackson’s mom isn’t playing games anymore? In the twitter note, she called CBS’s portrayal of her son a huge “fabrications.” Then went on to claim that Big Brother production controls every move that the houseguests are making. That they’re forcing him to say the things he’s said. Obviously, she doesn’t understand how live feeds work because no one is feeding them lines 24/7.

If the tweet was actually made by Colleen Michie, it appears she has gotten in touch with a lawyer over a specific “incident” that she didn’t go into detail about. But, she did comment on her feelings about the show messing with Jackson’s mental health. Even leaving a looming, “CBS will not hear the last of me or my son!”

Big Brother: Account Could Be A Fake

Since the Twitter account has been active since May 2019 and just started posting in the past twenty-four hours, it could be fake. Which is what a lot of fans on social media are speculating when it comes to the whole ordeal. It could just be someone looking for attention and using Jackson’s mother as their outlet. Many fake social media accounts are started when Big Brother players are first announced. But, this account was started weeks before Jackson Michie’s name was officially released as a BB21 contestant. However, it’s possible to change a Twitter username.

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