‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Four HGs Must Find BB House in the Dark – Last Person Evicted

Big Brother spoilers reveal the first competition of the summer and it’s going to be a doozy. Four houseguests nominated by Camp Director Jackson Michie must search through the pitch black backyard in order to find “Camp BB.” Which is code for the actual BB house. It ends in an automatic eviction for the person who comes in last. But knowing the long-running franchise, anything is possible.

Big Brother Spoilers: First Comp of the Summer Sends Someone Out

According to TV Guide, the first competition of Big Brother 21 is a race in the dark. Four nominated houseguests will have to find their way through the dark BB forest in order to get to the house. Yet, it won’t be as easy as it sounds because there are several challenges along the way. Some of which include fake camps, honey pits and oh yeah, the fact that they have to do this all in the dark!

Several Big Brother feed leaks show that the Camp Director, Jackson Michie had to choose four to run the race knowing one would be ousted. That’s a lot of blood on his hands right off. Then, the first official HoH of the summer is Christie Murphy according to Big Brother leaked live feeds.

Kemi Faknule & Analyse Talavera – BB21 Evictions?

Another spoiler revealed during the live feed leak was the possibility of an early eviction. The only two not mentioned by name during the audio leak were Kemi Faknule and Analyse Talavera. Which led fans to believe one of them could have been sent home. Although Christie referred to someone as “sis” during her talks with Nicole Anthony. That is Analyse’s nickname.

So, if that were the case it would mean Kemi was evicted. This wouldn’t be the first time a Big Brother houseguest has suffered an early eviction. In fact, houseguests being evicted on night one has occurred several times over the course of 21 seasons. We see you Glenn Garcia! But new info says it’s likely David Alexander that’s out – read on!

More Big Brother Spoilers – Faked Promo Pics

But now all eyes are on Atlanta photographer David Alexander because of recently released promo pictures. The annual bathing suit promo pictures came out yesterday. So, fans were quick to pull out their magnifying glasses and inspect them.

Big Brother fans figured out that David’s pictures were taken an hour and a half after the others. Also, he appears photoshopped into the cast pictures taken in the backyard. Is production trying to cover up an early eviction? It seems so – check out the details here. Watch tomorrow night to see Jackson Michie choose four to run the race knowing three will return furious at him.

Watch it all unfold when Big Brother premieres tonight at 8!

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