‘Big Brother’ Spoilers: Theme of ‘BB21’ Revealed – Julie Chen Oversees Unique Season

Big Brother spoilers reveal the theme the house and competitions will be centered around this BB21 season. As usual, Julie Chen Moonves hosts. Now that the cast list is out, more news has been sprinkling out onto social media. Which happens to include this year’s theme for the summer. This is one fans have not seen before. The CBS locked-in competition kicks off with a bang next week.

Big Brother Spoilers: Welcome to Camp BB21

Sometimes past Big Brother players refer to the game as a summer camp. Well, this summer, the franchise is taking that meaning to a whole other level. They have decided to center the entire game around the theme “The Great Outdoors!”. It was TV Guide that announced the big news with quotes from Julie Chen and producers.

We sure hope the houseguests have gone camping before because things are going to get a whole lot rougher inside the house. Like always, the show tests physical and mental strength – plus tolerance for others. All these stress sources tend to spark fights and set people as targets. But that’s not all. They also revealed the first BB21 competition of this season.

Getting Out of the Woods and Into the Big Brother House

The first competition of the season is important for many different reasons. It establishes the pecking order of physical or mental skill each houseguest possesses in BB21. It also tends to determine who becomes the first HoH unless it is some kind of surprise comp. In the past, the last person to complete the task is eliminated or earns a punishment. Or with last season, was a trick elimination…

The first Big Brother competition is entitled “Camp BB”. In this challenge, each person has to make their way through the dark forest (i.e., backyard) to find the house. This summer production is calling the house Camp Big Brother. Yet, along the way they will have to complete several tasks and avoid fake camps set up to slow them down while Julie Chen comments.

BB21 Spoilers: Probably No S’Mores and Songs Around the Fire

Sure, Big Brother might seem like a summer camp and a vacation away from whatever’s going on in their lives. But there definitely won’t be people singing Kumbaya around the fire in the backyard. And not just because singing is against the rules. This social experiment always tests peoples limits and always resulted in fights and drama – and tears!

People will make friends but sometimes they also make enemies. Plus, it’s hard to imagine BB production would trust the houseguests with fire. Since they don’t even give them real knives in the kitchen. Buckle up – it’s almost that time of Summer. Big Brother premieres next Tuesday, June 25 at 8 pm/7 Central on CBS with Julie Chen ready to kick things off.

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