‘Big Brother 21’: Kathryn Dunn Cheats On Boyfriend With Jackson Michie?

Big Brother 21 news reveals Kathryn Dunn may have had a boyfriend despite engaging in some “romps” with fellow houseguest Jackson Michie. Today, an online source posted a goodbye video Kat sent to her reported boyfriend, Marty Martinez, before leaving for the Summer reality show session. It seemed like they were still together and weren’t planning on taking a break. So, what’s Kathryn doing with Jackson and is this boyfriend the real deal? Check out the latest BB21 chatter.

Big Brother: Kathryn Dunn Fooling Around With Jackson Michie

According to Jackson Michie, he and Kathryn Dunn slept together in the BB21 house before the CBS Live Feeds even went up. Since then, Kat has been very clingy and possessive of Michie. But he’s been doing the complete opposite and even dumped her on the recent episode saying he had to protect his game. Plus, Jackson’s busy spending time with Holly Allen.

Big Brother even included a Kat/Jackson Michie segment in the latest episode that might have revealed the beginning of the end for the two. Yet, that’s not what fans are taking away from the brief showmance. It’s more about the fact that Kathryn might have been in a relationship before she entered the house. Some claim this guy was just a friend, but others say they were very serious before Kat left to play Big Brother 21.

Was Kat Dating Someone Before The Show?

It seems that Kathryn Dunn wasn’t single upon entering the Big Brother 21 house. A fan account posted a series of pictures on Instagram depicting Kat and a man named Marty Martinez whom Kat was reportedly dating before the show. He’s the founder and CEO of a digital marketing agency. In a goodbye message to Marty, Kathryn refers to him as her “best friend” and “number one supporter”.

The post caught fire when BB19‘s Jessica Graf tweeted out wondering if the whole thing had any truth to it. Kat stated in all of her interviews that she was single and that was apparently part of their plan for two reasons. First, Kathryn Dunn would have better odds of getting cast if she were single and second, they were keeping it under wraps because of their client/agency relationship. You can see what Jessica posted below on the BB21 drama.

Kathryn Dunn Breaks Promise To Boyfriend

Reportedly, the two didn’t put their relationship on pause. And Marty even gave Kat a promise ring that’s she’s wearing in the video. He also threw a Big Brother premiere party to support her on her reality show journey. According to the fan, Marty is “heartbroken and embarrassed” after Kathryn Dunn openly hooked up and pursued Jackson Michie.

At a glance from the social media posts, he seems like the perfect supportive boyfriend who’s in love with her. So, why would Kat throw away that kind of relationship for a guy that’s been stirring things up in the worst way possible dropping the n-word and other awful shenanigans? You can scroll through the Insta below for a ton of evidence about her and Marty pre-Big Brother.

Big Brother Alums Elena Davies & Kaitlyn Herman Jump Into The Conversation

All this cheating talk lured Kaitlyn Herman into the conversation. Last season, she flirted with several guys including Tyler Crispen while she had a boyfriend back home. Inside of the BB bubble, she was unaware her boyfriend had dumped her a couple weeks into the Summer. She only found out after getting evicted that she was ditched. And all the drama that unfolded while she was gone.

So, BB19‘s Elena Davies acknowledged the hypocrisy of fans supporting Kathryn Dunn but not Kaitlyn. Especially because Kat clearly seemed to be shagging Jackson Michie. While Kaitlyn didn’t go that far with her pursuit of the guys in the house. “I’m sorry,” Elena tweeted, “but where was this support last season when the “similar situation” wasn’t even barely this scandalous?”

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